Monday, December 8, 2008

Monsoon Cup Performance at Terengganu

*** 5th of December ***
Early in the morning, all the MURIEL cheerleaders already gathered up in the school.
We departed from the school at around 8 o'clock morning.
When we arrived near to Genting bottom hill, our bus stop and let us had a rest.
Here are some of the picture I took on that time:~
nice weather~

RIWEN with our new cheer jacket
didn't make-up and not enough sleep geh ugly look~ T__T

secretly took this picture of Szing~ ^^
Kimberly took this picture of us secretly while I was playing my camera~
my personal cheer jacket cheer jacket with my name on it~~ love it so much !!
After resting, we continue our journey.
In the bus, almost all of the cheerleader slept but me and a few of my friends can't sleep.
So, we just chatting around and listening to music to buy some time.
In the bus, I took some of the picture of our junior while their were sleeping....ngek ngek~~

all of the cheerleader when we were still energetic and pretty~~
started to fall asleep...hehe
sook voon
xing ying
le shen our Nee Nee~~ Pei Nee...xixi
this is one of the another station we having a rest...
this picture was taken by Kimberly~ After 6 hours sitting in the bus, we finally arrived to our destination, Kuala Terengganu.
During the journey, I took some of the picture:~
mosque floating on the water~ so unique
our destination
all the cheerleader was so exited reaching our destination~
before practising sure must take some picture le....xixi~
luxurious food prepared for the cheerleader after practising~yummy~~
Che Wei seems so hungry...
the food was too yummy already~~ ^__^

cute little Szing~ cheers....Wei Wei and Szing Szing~~
nice night view~
9 seniors of MURIEL cheerleader 2008~
Foong Yee, Che Wei, Chai Moon and Sze Yiing~

*** 6th of December ***
This day, we all went up at 5.45 a.m and started preparing ourself for the cheering.
After finished preparing, we had our breakfast before going to our destination.

camwore in szing room

waiting for the bus while having breakfast...

our destination....

Kimberly secretly took this pic....*pai seh*

outside of the building...
the wind was so awsome~~
the wind can almost blew me away...I'm telling the truth !!

in the toilet took geh

going to eat our dinner again
haha...we need to cover our skirt~~ cause the wind was too strong ^__^
five soh poh~~
see....the wind mess up my ugly~
haha...szing szing wanted to cry already~~ ^^
I'm blocking Shamita~~ naughty naughty me....xixi at the night, all 9 senior having a drink in Uncle Choo Restaurant
Kimberly took this picture secretly as well *** 7th of December ***
This day was our final days.
We woke up around 7.oo a.m.
We had our breakfast and prepared ourselves for our final performance.
After we arrived there, we perform cheer (cheering and half routine few times) for the team which competiting the Monsoon Cup.
While cheering, we waited for our last performace (full routine) for the closing ceremony.
When the time arrived for the closing ceremony, we waited exitedly to perform.
However, at last we didn't performed our real full routine.
That was because the broadcasting people forget about it.
Aiks, so we kinda disappointed....Anyways, things getting better after we took some of the picture with handsome western guy which were some of the participatant

real hair style for cheer performance....
wuwu...cannot let down my frinch..
teacher gave me geh food...after I peel it off, it became like cute~ ^__^

strong wind messing up our hair....the place look like KLIA airport~~

MURIEL cheerleaders of year 2008
picture with Mirsky Team members....they were so friendly and cute~~

Mirsky, the handsome dream husband
so handsome !!
Mirsky and his friend....both also so handsome~~ miss them a lot