Monday, July 21, 2008

SEGI College Performance

On 19/07/08, our team MURIEL has been invited by SEGI COLLEGE to have an opening ceremony for the carnival.
We performed by using our Cheerleading Competition routine which has been changed abit.
When we arrived, we were so exited to perform.
This is because we can't show our real abilities in the competition which make us regret so much !!
Therefore, we promised to show a great and impressive performance for the audience in the SEGI College.

At around 4.15 p.m, it's our turn to perform our routine.
We did a great job and all the people were impressed by us.
We did an awesome stunts which were so nice that can't be used in the competition (though we also felt sad for that because it's an illegal stunts).
Besides, today our routine were also fulled with spirit which all the cheerleaders had contributed.
The routine was also synchronize and our cheer were loud too.
I can't explained how's the routine was...but I can only said one word, "It was awesome and damn great. Felt so good and wished to perform again!! ".
Once finished performing, we played some game and this is what me and Che Wei had played on that time...
It's fun and can't help from stop laughing... ^__^

After playing, we went outside of the college and took some photo as a memory.
All the cheerleaders were having fun taking picture together so do RIWEN.
When RIWEN were taking picture at the entrance of SEGI college, some of the students invited us to take together.
So, we accepted it and took picture with them.
Before they went off, they also got mention that our costume were bright and felt happy when they saw it
Besides, they also got said that, " If you all performed today routine as in competition, then you all sure will win".
Although we were not very understood what does he mean, but we felt happy for that statements.
So, we thanks them happily.
After taking a lot of picture, we went back to school
Although we still wanted to stay longer, but time flies within us
So, we can only memorize the happy moment in deep of our hearts !!