Sunday, August 31, 2008

Celebration Of Merdeka Eve

Yesterday was Merdeka Eve and I've waited whole day in my house for my sister to come home.
Rachel and Michelle got worked till 9.00 p.m.
Actually I had a lot of plan for the merdeka celebration.
1~ follow Wai Hoong and friends go to genting
2~ go to clubbing in Barcelona
3~ go The Curve to celebrate (the most I wanted)
4~ the worst, go to Sunway Pyramid
Due to many circumstances, I was only able to celebrate at sunway.
One of the reasons was my sister working time.
She worked till 9.00 p.m and only arrive home at 10.00.
Therefore, my mum don't allow us to go too far.
Thus, we all went to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate.
We all included :
- Me
- Rachel
- Michelle
- Kai Loon
- Thomas
- Wilson
- Eng Yew
Although it's kinda boring celebrated at Sunway, but it's still fun hanging around with them.
After the time reaches 12p.m, there wasn't any fireworks to watch.
So all of us went to my house to play.
We bought some food and soft drink to my house and played in my sister room.
We played and joked a lot till my stomach ache and tears wanted to flows out.
We played till 4.00 a.m in the morning.
All of us already felt tiring and so, they went home.
And for me, haha~~~now I only woke up and writing this blog.
In the same time, I'm so worried for my trial which is around the corner.
I think I'm going to face some problem this time because I haven't started to revise anythings.
Anyways, I will try my best. ^__^
Oh yeah, before I ended up my blog, here are some of the pictures I had for the celebration:~

at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid
me and michelle in the toilet

it's been so hot and crowded at outside of the main entrance
michelle, rachel, carin and wilson (future star)thomas (the cutie and future star) and wilson (the future star)
hope both of you will achieve your goals

Friday, August 29, 2008


This post I actually wanted to post it on Monday when I received a note from my cheerleading teacher advisor (Ms.Wong).
However, I have no time for posting this memo till I've forgotten it.
I only remembered this memo once I read Szing blog~
Here is the picture of the memo written by my cheer teacher advisor :~

By reading that memo, I would like to thanks Ms.Wong so much because of the compliment she had for me.
But in the mean time, I'm so curious is that true that I have the sweetest smile that can melt those that come near me?
Anyways, I hope she would have a great life after she left our school.
Besides, I hope she can achieved her dream wherever she go and be happy always.
MURIEL's cheerleaders will always thanked you and remember you always.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Is Love ??

Sometimes the best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, cannot be touched, but can felt in the heart.
Love doesn't need a reason. Love is something you can feel burning inside your heart and waiting to be explode of love...
If you really love that person and you try to hurt him/her because you angry of her/him, at last the one who is hurt is yourself.
Love that person with your true heart if she/he is willing to keep waiting for you without any promises from you.
You don't deserve to "play" the ONE because they are not here just ONLY for you.
They might walk away from you someday if you don't appreciate the ONE~
Among the sea of people, there is a person who understand all of you and will keep on staying right beside of you.
What is the most precious treasure for you?
Your own happiness? Or the happiness of the person you love the most?
Thus, always put your love ONE at the top of your list~
Delight yourself to the Lord and he will gives you the desire of your heart.
Please, never ever ask someone why do they love you.
Love is nature and cannot be explain.
Without love the world is nothing but a piece of crap.
So everyone must appreciate your loved ones if you can find a true one.
This is because they will always be the one who care for you, make you smile, help you whatever problem you have and the last but not least, they will always LOVE YOU unconditionally...!!
So, be realised and happy to what you have now....

Foong Yee

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hari Keusahawanan

Today my school was having Hari Keusahawanan.
My persatuan which is the cheerleading decided to sell bread and deserts.
Besides, we also had made good use of our cheer costume to earn some money.
By doing pyramid or free posing with the students, they can buy the pictures from us.
Thanks to that, we earned quite a lot today and we played a lot too.
We took a lot of pictures and enjoyed ourselves very much.
When taking the pictures, the position of flyers, bases and supporters were totally inverted.
I've become one of the bases!! I had even carried my own bases!
OH YEAH !! I'm so strong !! hehe~~
Here are some of the pictures we took today. Enjoyed~:

me and szing in the school's toilet after finished make-up
my twin, Che Wei

Muriel's cheerleaders

free photo for Jo Dee and the little cute girl~nice formation!! one of our cheer position for the competition.
picture with Kit Ying

our cheer teacher advisor, Pn.Azwana
I'm being a base
normal elevator with kimberly
as a base for my formal base!!
doing scorpion on pyramid~
my main base, Szing
yong pui kuan (not a cheerleader) can be my base. GENG !!
my twin, Che Wei again....look alike? ^__^
our ling ling who scared height able to stand on a pyramid! Way to go man~


Friday, August 8, 2008

The Worst Performance Ever !! (Taja 1 Topi Keledar, Selamatkan 1 Nyawa)


On that day, we had our cheerleading performance at TV3 station!
We were invited to perform for the opening ceremony for an event which related to safety on the road. We were all well prepared for our performance, However, there's got problem when we were performing.

The opening part of our routine, the music had started 2 seconds earlier,
However....we managed to catch-up the timing. Although, we managed to do all our stuff...but unfortunate accident keep on coming. When our routine reached the second part which was the "LOW" dance, the music can't be played. Although we were professionally waited for the music to start, the DJ there doesn't even know what should he do! OMG!! I just can't stand the way of malay people's worked... I'm not trying to discriminate malay people, but that's the fact that they are useless!!

We waited around 1~2 minutes but the DJ haven't done his job right.
We waited and waited, but then suddenly the emcee said, " Ok, that's the end of the performance of cheerleading from SMK(P)Pudu."
Oh shit!!! What's the heck is happening??!!
And so, we end our performance half way hanging.

We all were so disappointed, unhappy and also angry, but then...the director of the performance from TV3 came and scolded us !!
Just what was his problem man!!! That was all his fault and not us, but he scolded us !
We all don't like it and we shown our angry and unsatisfied expression infront of him.

When our transport was arrived, we went back.
But before we left, that director said sorry to us and beg us to eat something before we left.
We didn't bother him at all because that's just not a sincered "sorry".
And so, we went back to our school.

*sign* Although that's not a good performance and was the worst performance ever,
but all the cheerleaders were still having themselves enjoyed.
No need to say, of course RIWEN were enjoyed too. Here are some picture we took on that day~ :

Riwen gang again~ pretty?
wearing a stupid + ugly jacket

look at this handsome and safety guy~ (^__^)
cute little guy~