Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheer Practice~Miss it so much

It's been a long time we all didn't have a cheer practice.
Thus, today I really happy and enjoyed myself very much.
Besides, we also learned a new dance which using one of my favourite cheer songs.
The dance was nice and I really felt it....I felt high when listening that song...hehe ^__^
Here is one of the video Kimberly recorded today. Nice...
P/S:: I did something wrong in this video...hehe...The silly one in the middle~

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just a moment ago, I watched Muriel Cheer 2008 Day 1 & 2 and also Muriel 2007 video in Youtube.
At first, I watch the 2007 video and I felt, "Wow, can't believe that we are actually that synchronize and nice routine we had".
I felt so proud to be a cheerleader in MURIEL although Muriel not that "No.1" for others but it does in my heart.
Then, I continue watching Cheer Competition 2008 after watching the 2007.

The MURIEL CHEER 2008 Day 1
I felt so happy when I watched it again.
I watched it all till the end and when it reached the grand finale, my heart suddenly arch and I felt wanted to cry.
I felt that way because the grand finale remind me how much we spent our hard work together to built that advance pyramid and awesome routine.
It also remind me ;-
The time when we got hurt but we didn't complained,
The time when we hurt but didn't cry out,
The time when we felt pain but still acting calm and cool,
The time when we were looked down by others and teacher, we still stand still and be braved,
The time when we taught we're going to give up, but at last we didn't,
The time when we built our spirit with the juniors who does not even know what is the "spirit" is about, we were still accelerating towards our goal.

The MURIEL CHEER 2008 Day 2
After finished the day 1 video, I continue watching the day 2.
I felt so depressed when watching it.
I felt the routine was not our real performance.
I felt we still can performed better than that.
However, sometimes life can be rude and that was the fact that we, mere human can't control.
When watching the video, I taught back a lot of things and it included the unfortunate circumstances :~
I taught back how we lost our precious mark,
I taught back how I wanted to cry but can't cry in front of the junior, so I won't made them lost their spirit,
I taught back how the we acting calm, cool and nothing in front of the junior,
I taught back how we performed desperately and losing our spirit on the boundary of the mattress,
I taught back how the judges felt disappointed on us and how they appreciated us,
I taught back how come our luck will be that bad on that day.
If we are not that bad luck on that day, what will us become on now, at this moment of time.
I knew time can't changed, but I really felt regret about the circumstances we've been through.

Cheerleading, especially become a cheerleader of MURIEL's squad has became one of my precious activity in my whole life.
I really loved cheerleading a lot and it also meant a lot to me.
Since I'm going to graduate, I wanted to express my feeling towards cheerleading in my blog.
Since I've enter cheerleading, I became a more socialise person and participated in cheerleading really taught me a lot of new things.
Besides of dance, motion, pyramid and cheer,
Cheerleading had taught me how to built a team work with your comrade,
Teach me how to become a brave and confident person,
Teach me how to believe your comrade when doing something tough (pyramid)
and the most precious one, building a bond between RIWEN.
If there were not cheerleading, I believed I won't get to have that special bond.
Entering cheerleading had attracted us all together with a single bond and I'm truthfully hope that bond is unbreakable.
For that reason, I really love cheerleading a lot.
Erm...I think I shall stop here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I wanted to die already~
After last Friday finish history exam, I lost my mood to study anymore.
But then, the upcoming week I have to sit for Biology, Chemistry and Physics paper.
Awwww.....I'm half death for doing revision
Hehe....look and my bed...
It fulled with book and alat tulis~~
So messy till I lazy to arrange them

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Memoriter Test

My Answer
1) Horse, Tiger, Sheep, Cow, Pig

2) Dog - cute
Cat - elegance
Rat - Dirty
Coffee - good taste
Sea - calm

3) Yellow - Choi Yan
Orange - Michelle
Red - Don't know /Secret
White - Chai Moon
Green - Chee Wei

4) 23 , Sunday