Saturday, October 4, 2008

Last Cheerleading Performance In Secondary School Life

Today MURIEL's senior finally performed our last cheer performance in secondary school life.
Although we don't know whether we will continue to perform any cheer after we graduate or not, I really appreciated my cheer life as I am in Form5 now.
Today, we performed for the orphanage house in one of the stadium near Ampang Point.
Although we didn't get much money from the organizer, but we really enjoyed and willingly performed the cheer for the little one.
Besides, this events was made as for a child birthday party.
The child named Aiden and he was really a cute boy.
We performed well and we recorded the routine:~

(upload next time)

In between, we also took a lot of picture before we departed from Kimberly house.
Here are some of the picture we took today:~

happy moment~

cheerleading bought us together~
my best friend, Joey
My best friend also, Szing
reflection of our happy moment
friends ya~
yea, I know you love me....I also love you....muackxz~
my best friend + twin , kiwi another cheer performance?? hope so (T__T)
to be continue....