Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Results Of Cheer Competition 2008


No. Top 15 Score ( Day 1 + Day 2)
1 Shirtliff 325 + 338
2 Dynamitez 316 + 329
3 Stunners All Boys 322 + 320
4 Titans 326 + 310
5 Xavier 310 + 312
6 Vivacious 309 + 296
7 Stunners All Girls 317 + 280
8 Blitzers 282 + 312
9 D*Starz 280 + 304
10 Muriel 311 + 259
11 Venom 292 + 277
12 South Anchorz 292 + 270
13 Storm 274 + 277
14 Pirates 283 + 264
15 Genesis 255 + 285
16 Calyx All Girls
17 Falcons
18 Sellors
19 Fantabulous
20 Vulcanz All Boys
21 Vulcanz All Girls
22 Vibrant
23 Thunderz
24 Sparklerz
25 Cyrens
26 Xylurf
27 X-Plodetes
28 Zodiac All Boys
29 Cyclonez
30 B*Starz
31 Fortress
32 Phoenix
33 Antonionettes
34 Gemz
35 Adele
36 Zodiac All Girls
37 Puppets
38 Gabrian
39 Sparkz
40 Mantinz Boyz
41 Mantinz Girlz
42 Phantoms
43 X-Alternate

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Biology Test~

Tomorrow my Biology test for SPM has finally come.
I'm so worry about my Biology test.
The question will be easy or tough??
Will I able to answer it or not?
Can I get a good results for it??
Haihz...I also don't know le....
Yesterday I revised my Biology starting from 12.00 afternoon till midnight 3.00 only finished.
Although I read so many hours, but still I haven't started reading any experiment.
Aiks...I love Biology, but in the same time....Bio make me suffer like hell
By the way, while I'm worrying about my Biology....I also worried my Physics.
This is because the examination for Physics is just the day after Bio test....
Aaaaaa.....what results will I get for my SPM...
Wuwu~~~If God don't want me to get so much A's
At least give me 5A and above....
I really wanted to get good results for my SPM...
So, I beg you God....Please bless me with good results.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Graduation - 31/10/2008

Today was my graduation day which held in my school.
Although this graduation was kind of suckz cause it celebrated in my school, but still....I'm having a lot of fun spending all my time with my friends.
The graduation ceremony has been divided into two session (so bad...cause I can't see my friend graduate).
Anyways, today I really took a lot of pictures....damn a lot....hehe...
What to do?? I liked to take picture le...hehe
So, here are some of the pictures taken tat day and for more pictured, visit my friendster ^__^:~

Lai Wah, Choi Yan, Me and Michelleme and choi yan my best friend graduation attire ^__^ taking sijil~~michelle, choi yan, me and my motherthree primary best friend till now and forever~ szing and me~~ pretty friend forever ^_^me and pretty szing again~seconday school TWINS ~ love love me and tse ling

finally can take picture with pity...wuwu
thien jee, chai moon and me
the background was so nice until we like paste into it...hehe
sibling in school life~
alala...give my precious camera man face ba....
~taking a pic with "leng zhai"
hehe....anyways, thanks and gonna miss ya~

my lovely goh~~
hehe...whenever we take picture sure look like couple~
goh hold camera~
sweet? ar wa....lalala
me and wei jun~~
me (ugly) and jo dee (pretty girl)...wuwu