Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Szing Birthday (@^O^@)

This blog existed to remember the special date of one of my best friend, Szing 18th birthday.
For her birthday, I managed to persuade my mother to allow me overnight at Cheras.
I'm so happy about that and I'm so so so~exited that I can spent my time with RIWE~
I'm so miss them le....T__T
Okay, let's talk about the whole journey....(@^---^@)
On 11th Feb, I woke up early early and prepared myself to meet Szing, Che Wei and Chai Moon at Sunway Pyramid.
Once arrived, we went to ice-skating till five o'clock something.
Then we took taxi back to Leisure Mall and met Szing friends (another big gang).
We all went to watch a movie which called "Look For A Star".
The movie was so romantic and it reminds me of Valentine Days is around the corner....aiks~
After watched, a few of us continue our night by having our supper at Wong Kok Restaurant.
After ate, Thomas fetch us back.
Szing and me overnight at Che Wei house.
Three of us chit-chat till three something morning only sleep.
I'm so happy that I can spent my day and night with them....(^__^)V.
On 12th December afternoon, three of us only woke up.
Then, Szing and Che Wei were so busy planning the things that we can do on that day while I was busying makeup-ing at the living room...hehe~
At five o'clock something, we went to Leisure Mall and meet up Calvin Kum and Kelvin XXX at Wong Kok Restaurant.
We all ate our breakfast and play card while waiting for Benjamin to arrive.
At 6.45, we all went to watch movie again which called "Ong Bak 2".
It was a nice movie~ :P
After finished watching the movie, some of us went to Benjamin house to eat.
At there, Szing and me kept on playing with Sabrina (she was sooooo damn cute).
Then we went back.
Me and Che Wei continue our night by chit-chatting in the room till each of us fall asleep.
That's how my 3D2N journey at Cheras.
Although nothing special at there, I already very happy and satisfied because I can meet my best friends....
Love and miss them always...muackzxx~
Here are some of the photo~

birthday present for Szing~ cost RM350
shared by me, che wei, chai moon and ben

happy always~ *RIWE* best sister forever~


birthday girl, Szing END.