Sunday, March 29, 2009

Personalities Test one day, I view one person blog...and I found something interesting to try. So I play the quiz and those quiz that I've played are so accurate...have a look~ ^^ and if you're interested, you can try IT

Get To Know Yourself Better Quiz

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education:

Education is very important in life. you want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

The Real You Quiz

Here is the analysis:

  1. You are a very serious person. You tend to be quiet and well behaved, and you don't have a great deal of self-confidence. You prefer to be alone rather than with friends and that could make you a little less interesting to certain types of guys. You are very attractive in an individual kind of way, and this means it can take people a little while to get to like you.
  2. You really care about other people's feelings and are quite serious about the issues that affect your life. You are sincere, and your concern for the well-being of others makes many people want to be your friend.
  3. You are a bright, cheerful and bubbly person. You are thoughtful and considerate, and like to have fun. Everybody feels comfortable around you because of your pleasant nature. When you walk into a room, people's eyes are likely to be drawn to you because of your charm.
  4. Your peers think of you as a fun person, but sometimes you can be a little irresponsible. You can be somewhat childish, and can try to ignore the fact that you will one day need to really grow up and be a mature adult! Perhaps you could start reading good books; they might help you look at the world in a different light. You do want to be taken seriously, right?
  5. Your boyfriend believes that you are a strong and independent person. Your confidence and cheerfulness make you an attractive person to be around, but sometimes you need to pay more attention to what other people, including your boyfriend, are thinking.

What's your personalities love style? Quiz

Here is the analysis:

You desire a love that will last forever. You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that's why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don't just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person's personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn't meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.

What type of personality do you have? Quiz

Here is the analysis:

Kind and Gentle

Your kindness is your charm - you are also gentle and sweet. Everybody likes to be around people with your personality. Like a psychologist, people like to talk to you to discuss their problems because you are proper and discrete, as well as confident. You look mature and people respect you. People with this kind of character are few and far between.

Your Hidden Talent Test

Here is the analysis:

The Mass Communicator

You have a cheerful personality and you are a naturally kind person. Your hidden talent isn't really that hidden at all: you shine among a crowd. You would make an ideal news announcer, flight attendant or model - any position that would give you an opportunity to deal with plenty of people. A tip for you is to avoid getting too deeply involved in others' personal lives - otherwise you might find yourself constantly being asked for help.

Hot or Not? (for girls)

[Part 1] Self Confidence: 73% -> You're confident.
[Part 2] Sensory Perceptions: 78% -> Extremely sensitive to surrounding stimulation.
[Part 3] Body Language: 83% -> You are a real expert!
[Part 4] Conversational Skills: 93% -> A real talent!
[Part 5] Empathy For Others: 77% -> Occasionally empathizes with others.

You are a typical girl, like the majority.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

About Girls~

When a GIRL is quiet ... millions of things are running in her mind.

When a GIRL is not arguing ... she is thinking deeply.

When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ... she is wondering how
long you will be around.

When a GIRL answers ' I'm fine ' after a few seconds ... she is not at all

When a GIRL stares at you she is wondering why you are lying.

When a GIRL lays on your chest .. she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be pampered.

When a GIRL says ' I love you ' .. she means it.

When a GIRL says ' I miss you ' .... no one in this world can miss you more than

Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person ....

Find a guy .. who calls you beautiful instead of hot.

who calls you back when you hang up on him.

who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the guy who ... kisses
your forehead.

Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.

Who holds your hand in front of his friends.

Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he
is to have you.

Who turns to his friends and says, ' That's her!! '

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What You Give Out Is Equal To What You Get ^__^ [[ SPM Result ]]

Today is the day when all the SPM candidate will take their SPM results.
Two days before today, I was so nervous about my results until reaching the point that I can't sleep well and screaming here and there at all time.
But today, finally I get my result. I got 5A and 5B~

  • Bahasa Malaysia 2A
  • Bahasa Inggeris 1A
  • Pendidikan Moral 1A
  • Mathematics 1A
  • Additional Mathematics 4B
  • Sejarah 3B
  • Biology 1A
  • Physics 3B
  • Chemistry 3B
  • EST 3B

For this results, I have two different feelings which are happy and disappointed~
First of all, I'm happy because the results is much more better than I've expected.
This is because I thought that I only got one A's which is Mathematics ^^.
Besides, I also happy because I can make my parents to be proud to have me as their child to score good in all the exam. ^^
For the unhappy part (disappointed), it is because I think myself can do more better than what I got now.
I got four 3B's which only difference FIVE marks from getting 2A's~
I'm kinda sad because of that....
Besides, another reason that I'm kinda disappointed is...I can't get scholarship to reduce my parents burden on supporting my education fees....haihz~

For my inner thought, feelings and special thanks:~

As today I'm so nervous to get my results, I realised that how much I wanted to get good results in any of my exam.
Since I was a kid, my results were very good till the day as I am now.
I'm very clear about myself that I LOVED being praise by others especially family members and teachers.
I'm very greedy in that, and so....I always worked so hard for getting good results to make them proud.
Besides, since I was in primary school, all the friends that I had are very excellent in their studies.
And because of I'm one of them, I've been affected too to be good in academic~
I always trained myself and kept on fighting my best to be good in study...
That is because I don't want to be abandon by my friends if my results are not as good as they are...
I always try my best to catch up with them so that I won't be left out.
Although that journey is hard to go through, I never been regret or anything because thanks to them, that I can be who I am as now !!
I really do appreciate to have such great friends with me all this time~

Parents and Family Members
I'm so proud to have my parents and family members.
That is because since I was a kid till now, none of my parents nor family members will put pressure in me on my education.
I'm very thankful for them to believe in me on my study.
That is expecially thanks to my mummy and daddy~
Both of them NEVER put any pressure in my study for getting good results.
All they do is leave my education alone to myself to handle.
They BELIEVE in me~
That's the thing I appreciated so so much~
As I can compared to others friend parents, they are so strict to their child results and put so much pressure on them.
And so, I'm happy to have my parents.
As I can remembered, when I was in Form 3 geting my PMR results, I got straight A's for that exam~
On that time, I'm surprise that I got all A's....but I more surprised is when I saw my mother holding my results and tears flow out from her eyes.
At that time, I can see the happiness that shown on my mother face till she cried and my heart felt so much relieved.
And so, on that moment onwards...
I swear to myself that I wanted to see that happy face of my mother again.
And to do so, I will study hard in Form 4 and 5 so that I can get good results in my SPM exam too.
For that as now, I think I've achieved it although myself was not very satisfied with it.
Today when I got my results, my mother once again cried when we were having lunch together.
I'm really intoxicated to always see that happy but crying face of my mother (@^_ ^@).
Thus, I will continue fighting my best in whatever exam that are waiting for me in future...GAMBATEH !!

my sister greeting~
thanks ^--^