Saturday, April 25, 2009

Belated Birthday Present From Mummy ♥

Just now I went to IOI Mall with my mother.
We went there because I wanted to buy maggi mee and water plus other stuffs to bring back to hostel.
Once arrived to the mall, the first place my mother brought me into was the HOJB Crystal For Living shop.
She wanted to buy me the crystals that I mentioned before on Feb 2009.

I still remembered, on Feb 2009, we passed by the shop and entered into it and saw some of the pretty crystals.
Then I told her that I like one of it and wanted her to buy for me for my 18th birthday.
She ignored me and acts like I am joking.
Since she reacts so, so I also forget about it.

But surprisingly, today when she dragged me into the shop, she asked me which was the crystal that I wanted.
I stunned for a second and then felt happily try to find back the crystal that I wanted.
After spending a few minutes of searching, I found it and my mother bought it for me.
It's so pretty and I love it so much~~


Friday, April 24, 2009

♥My 18th Birthday♥

The night before 23th of April, I can't really slept well...
As usual, many people will sent birthday message to me....therefore, untill 7.15 a.m. I'm still awake~
Anyways, I'm not irritated by that...still happy happy....
That is because many of them were someone who seldom contact with me...
By receiving their birthday message really surprised me a lot~

So, Thanks you to all of YOU~~!!! Muackxz

At 8.00a.m, we woke up and prepared ourself for the Malaysian Studies class....
Lolx, I can hardly wake up....when I woke up, I can't really stand straight!!
So sleepy + tired....sob~ T__T
Anyways, when I entered to the class, Weng Hong and friends greet me and wished me "Happy Birthday" again~
We three sat below them for this very first time~ so uncomfortable...hehe~
We talked and bla bla many things.
At one moment, we three were too boring with the lecturer's teaching...
So, Che Wei suggested to make a birthday card for me and so do Szing~
Then I gave one piece of paper to each of them.
Both of them were so concentrating decorating the card while I patiently waiting for their cards~
When two of them were busy drawing and I'm busy waiting, all of the guys above us (Weng Hong and friends + Jin Yan + Jin Xiang) were observing us wondering what we were doing...
Lolx, we managed to find out only when Che Wei pass the card to me.
They saw it and smile smile....then then, Weng Hong and one of his friend also wanted to D.I.Y a birthday card for me too...
So I gave them papers as well~~ (^_^)
These are the cards(paper actually) that I received...=>

from che wei

from szing

from weng hong

creative yee(smilling)

After class finished, Jin Xiang waited me at the door and wished me "Happy Bithday"...
Finally he wished me, but still, Jin Yan haven't....kinda disappointed.
However, don't know at what time, got an unknown number wished me birthday also...and I guess it was from Jin Yan...anyways, I didn't ask who he is...^^
When we decided to go back to our hostel, Weng Hong date us out to 1Utama.
Since we had nothing to do, so we agree to it and we all went to 1Utama watched movie till 5 something.

At 6 something, my mummy, sister and godfather came and fetch we all out to Soul Out Restaurant to celebrate my birthday.
Before that, let me talked about my precious moment...
While I was waiting for Szing and Kiwi decorating the birthday card, I suddenly missed one more of my best friend which called Chai Moon.
That time I was thinking, every year I also will received her birthday wishing but this year was my 18th birthday which I treasured so much to celebrate with my best friend...but unfortunately, I need to celebrate it without Chai Moon (she went to National Service).
So I sent a sms to her writing,
"Wen Wen, I know you can't wish me b'day this year....
So it's okie....Anyways, I miss you so much~muackxz"
I sent that when I was in the class...I sent that is because I knew she can't use her phone in NS on she can't wish me.

But what surprised me was when we were on our way to Soul Out Restaurant, suddenly I received a call from an unknown number~
I answered it and a girl wished me Happy Birthday !!
I was so blur and concentrated my mind tried to guess who was it...
I felt the voice is so familiar but she was someone who I didn't listen to her voice for a long time...I felt we were so close but we were separated from each other by a distance...
My heart beat so fast and after one to two second listening to her voice, I asked her with a tremble voice, "Are you....Chai Moon??"
When she answered me "Yes", I was so surprised, shocked, happy, and finally...I MISS HER SO MUCH.
I felt wanted to cry I told her....but before I managed to control my own emotion, my tears has been flow out without my conscious.
I cried while talking with Chai Moon and I knew I shocked her....but sorry if I had made you worried.
She called me by using public phone wishing me "happy birthday" which I never expected her to do that..
That's why I so shocked but I'm really really really happy and appreciated that...
Till now, I'm writing this blog...At this point, I'm still touched by your efforts...
My tears still collecting in my eye whenever I re-check what I've wrote.
I hope one day you were able to read this blog because I wanted to tell you,
For you, maybe it doesn't mean anything by wishing someone birthday....but for me, I really do appreciated it so so much...
I never felt this before....but soon you had went to NS and I thought you can't celebrate with me and suddenly, surprisingly receiving a called from you really meant a lot to me...thanks again and LOVE YOU MY DEAR~

*Phew*....*sob sob*....*snift snift*....*take a big breath*
Okay, let's continue...
When we all reached to the restaurant, finally I received the present from my sister, Kelvin, Kai Loon and Han Wei~
p/s:: special thanks to Kelvin....I knew you have spent some time out of your busy time to find this pendant~really thanks to you de la...but I just can't help teasing you only....hehe~don't angry ya...
To the buyers who brought this pendant to me, I want to say~~~


Then then, we ate our dinner > sing birthday song > make a wish > took picture > ate the cake and done~~!!