Saturday, August 15, 2009

Che Wei's Birthday

Before celebrated Che Wei's birthday, Hong and me went to dating while waiting for Chai Moon and Szing to arrive. We had our lunch at one Japanese restaurant and then, met Chai Moon and Szing at the Sony Store to buy birthday present for Che Wei. We brought a MP3 to her which cost RM160. Later on, we all went to Tesco and brought all the foods that needed for steamboat because tonight we will had steamboat as our dinner.

before eating ^^
look like an assassin? keke
my bii...

i'm so short without high heels...haha
the TV so big~bigger than me

wish you all the best
dreams come true
can find your true love
and forever together with him
and most importantly,
don't forget your ji mui (me, szing and moon) ^^
we will always love you

che wei's bao bei~Jun
so sweet~