Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dry Skin T_T

Recently really old dddd......skin also dry dry liao...

So leh....hehe.....we gonna moisture our skin using mask d.... ^_^

Taadah~~~ here we are...

Three ghost...keke

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drive to 1Utama from Puchong ^^

I finally got my P license on Saturday~ so happy and exited le...This few days also wanted to drive, but no car...so no choice lu...But finally today I got the chance to drive le...dim zhi hor, the journey is so far. I damn scare le...but also tried because Kelvin gave me faith...xixi....
tadah~~my P license....hehe At the beginning, we(me, Kelvin and Rachel) thought wanted to watch movie at Sunway Pyramid de. Unfortunately, we're running out of time and at last, we cancel the plan. My sister wanted to go home, so ended up me and Kelvin go 1Utama after sending me back to my hostel to put my things. This time, I drive back to hostel le. First time driving after getting my P license~

so dangerous....first time driving also wanted to take photo.
neh, Kelvin Wong lu...so exiting...lolx
still play~I scare scare leh...help me see the road de la...hehe ^^

arrived to destination safely *yeapi*
After putting all my stuff into my hostel, we went to 1Utama open shopping. When walking around in 1Utama, we saw this:~

many stall selling Halloween things le~ we looked around and play ha people things...xixi
pirate lady....but cute hor....hehe...
*paiseh paiseh*this photo look like a photo inside a photo frame~
nice nice~ prince charming???
errr....no comment....wakakaka
joking la, Vin ^^

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cousin's Wedding Dinner

Tonight I went to my cousin's wedding dinner.
Any special about this wedding dinner compare with others dinner??
YUP !!
It's definitely different from others.
This is because my cousin is just same age as me and she already going to marry.
I know married on the age of 18 for someone is a normal thing, but for my family.....it's definitely NO!
Anyway, as for me....I sincerely blessed them with happiness for eternity.
I'm not a close-minded person, so I think is okay as far as I won't be like her.
Hehe....I'm not being sarcastic, it's just that if I follow her path, I'm sure will become a dead fish....LOL~
By the way, before the wedding dinner date, there were so many people including all my relatives were gossiping about this wedding.
Feel so sorry for the bride =(
Anyways, there were also a good point getting married at a young age.
This is because the bride is really so pretty until myself also been attracted to her so much.
Really pretty ne....but can't envy so much....wakakaka~
On the same time, my darling also sent some touching message to me that made me cry ne.
Lol~felt so silly..anyway, I think I cried is because of the atmosphere ba~
Thanks darling, muackz~