Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hong Kong Trip

This year end holiday, my mother bring me and my sister to Hong Kong.
My third aunty also got followed.
We went there by following a tour~
The night before we depart, I can't really sleep because I played computer whole night I think. *hehe*
So, on the next morning, I'm so sleepy and tired. LOL

First day
We woke up on 7.00a.m and started to prepare ourselves.
After Kelvin arrived, we all went nearby to eat our breakfast while waiting my uncle to arrive.
When uncle arrived, we straight away went to KLIA.
haha....see our Kelvin...his face so "chan". Sure not enough sleep....LoL
At KLIA, we took some pictures with Kelvin because on the next day I went to Hong Kong is the date he go New Zealand.
He went there maybe for one year, two year or maybe didn't come back. That's what he said.
I'm gonna miss him a lot because he is my first and only male buddy I ever had so far.
So I'm really "bu she de" him le....wuwu
But the fact he gonna leave has been finalize, so nothing can be done.
All I can do is giving him a remarkable present with a letter.
*hope he will like it*
here are some of the photo we took in KLIA...

just arrived to KLIA

with my uncle

kelvin acting like a doll ^^

Around 10.00 or 11.00 (forget d), Kelvin need to go home le.
My third anuty and me also cry cry le...really "bu she de" him ne.
But cry also no use le....just stay calmed and try not to think.
En en....but still *cry cry* =="
Suan le ba....later on, we went boarding and flight to Hong Kong lu...

when I'm looking at the cloud, I feel so relax ne...
Vin...are you still looking at the same sky now as me??
hehe ^^

Hong Kong airport~
outside so cold ne....

After 4 hours, finally we arrived to our destination, HONG KONG~
weather there really cold cold le...
but I liked it....^^
After we check-in to Panda Hotel, we all went to mummy friends at Hong Kong which open a Japanese Restaurant at there de...
The japanese food they made were delicious....which I never tried before in Malaysia
yummy~~ ^_^

Later on, we went to Lan Kwai Fong
It was a street whereby all the pub or club were held.
Many tourists and local at there enjoying~
Young, adults or old also got le....
So happening at there....not like Malaysia !!
So boring~! choice, malay country~ T_T

While drinking in one of the pub, I saw this sign board...
So cute le......hehe

Second day
During the time I was in Hong Kong, time really suck~
At night I can't sleep whereby I need to wake up early in the morning...
Sob~~ not enough sleep aaa...
So leh, 1st and 2nd day I also look very "chan" le....
haha....luckily got make up, or else really look like a panda

This decoration was located at the lobby of the Panda Hotel
Doesn't it look nice??
I liked it le....simple but nice~~ ^^

Early in the morning, sure got eat breakfast lo....
So, our tour guide brought us to one of the restaurant opened by the Hong Kong artists.
I forgotten the name of the restaurant d...hehe
Anyway, the food at there really delicious~

these were the food our tour guide introduce....
haha....actually leh, I personally recommended M'sia food because M'sia food are much more better....keke

this is our tour group~~~
first time going a trip by following a tour

my species~~ GOAT ^_^

Third day
Today going to Hong Kong Disneyland....
So exited le....wanna play many many adventurous rides !! hehe

First of all, sure take ha picture 1st le...
this one took in the life nice le the decor~

cute neh....even my third aunt also asked you wa

Disneyland bus~
so nice ne the decor....

arrived to HK Disneyland....

friends from the tour....
nice family~

delicious turkey~~ you all should try someday....
60% I ate this turkey whole day leh....
ate dao wanna vomit already...haha

saw something cute on my head??
hehe....a girl stitch (Angel) on my head~

acting cute.....haha...
k la....know someone gonna shoot me now...haha