Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just simply speechless~ (=.=")

Sign~recently I'm really vexed

Even wanted to write a post to express my feeling I also can't do it

I can't find a right way to express my feelings~

When I wrote few sentence,

on the second thought, I've deleted them...


I'm really pissed now

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going Black and Straight

I've decided to dye my hair back to black

So that I do not need to dye my hair every time when it grows new hair until it losses all the nutrients~

Later on, I will cut my hair a bit shorter than how it use to be as now
(as I really can't bare to cut it all short ! sob T_T )

Next, I will straighten back my hair....

as I miss my old time, healthy, shinny, long black hair....wuwu

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you know how to love someone?

This is something interesting I copied from one of my friend's blog~
Once I read it, it reminds me again how I should appreciate my beloved !
Sorry dear for always picking up a fight with you recently....
I will try to be more considerate and tolerance with you~
Sorry for everything, hope you will still love me as you always do ^_^
Love you, muackz~

Someone said couple who falling in love are stick to their own opinion.
Firstly, they will undergo a sweet period in which some trivial matters in daily life could causes torrential tears of happiness.
As their relationship progress further, one side might become over sensitive and easy-jealous.
Although their partner chit chats with their opposite sex old schoolmates may make them mad.
Some will start to neglecttheir own friends.
Nevertheless, when their relationship become more steadily,
They will realize the importance of looking fora new method to enhance their relationship.
I am not saying that I know how to love someone.
I am just would like to share some personal opinions.
In my point of view,
Love is unconditional
If u love someone with terms and conditions, I think that this isn’t a true love.
This is because if u really falling in love with someone, u will not even bother how he/she look like, how wealth is he/she, how intelligence is he/she, nor how knowledgeable is he/she.
Outer beauty may fade away as time passes, only inner beauty can last long.
Love is forgivable
Everyone will made mistakes in daily life.
Even the great person.
Due to no one is perfect, we should appreciate our partner who being acceptance and forgive our mistakes.
Hence, we should forgive and pardon their weaknesses as well.
Love is not owning, but wishing
We often heard that some of our friends, or even ourselves, facing the problem that we love the one who is in love with others.
What should we do?
Overwhelmed with jealously?
In fact, if u really falling in love with someone,
Although u may feel jealous and sad at first,
But seeing he/she is submerged in the happiness of love,
The feeling of satisfied is different but irreplaceable.
Love is natural
Love him/her not because of who they are, but because of who we are when we are together.
Couple used to hide their weaknesses at first.
They will try their best to ensure their mates do not reveal their weaknesses or bad habits.
Nevertheless, as time passes, the hidden bad habits will emerge.
Therefore, be natural, just be yourself.
Do not have to pretend polite, cute, sexy, cool, or whatever personalities those aren’t in u.
Cheats, lies, conceal, and pretend can’t last.
Since no one is perfect, we should look for a mate who is being acceptance towards our weaknesses instead of think of methods to conceal them.
Love is mutual respect & understanding
We should respect the one we loved as we hoped them respect us as well.
Argue is almost a must for couple.
It is a tool to foster understanding and deepen sensation.
However, we shouldn’t argue too often because of trivial matters.
Tolerance is a must.
In addition, over tolerance from one side will causes broken relationship and furtherdeteriorates the feeling.
On the contrary, proper tolerance can strengthen the relationship.
Love is long term
Relationship that build up due to the thinking that: “Everyone got a boy/girlfriend, so that I want to get one too”, can hardly last long.
Besides, if the relationship started without consider their future, maybe they will ended with broken heart upon realizing they aren’t match to each other.
However, I believed that human are elastic.
We are able to adapt to the changes and therefore tolerance can be train.
Anyway, I suggested that we should consider long term relationship.
I don’t meant to judge a man/woman by appearance nor wealth.
I think that judge his/her from the aspect thatpersonalities and attitudeis essential.
Does he/she willing to overcome all the barriers with u in future?
Does he/she will give up a relationship easily?
How is he/she defined love?
I think this few questions are quite important for me.
This is because I am looking for a long-term relationship.
However, there must be barriers before a steady relationship could build.
I need someone to support me and be with me no matter what happen in the future.
I know I will be heart-broken if my partner gives up our relationship easily.
Thus, I will consider these few aspects before I jump into a relationship or even marriage.
Do u know how to love someone?
Hehe =P
No offence ..
Personal Opinions.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally I've end my foundation ^ ~ ^

Finally I've end my foundation programme

It was a four-day examination

Subjects are:

Quantitative Method 3
Accounting 3
English Skill 3

On the last day of exam, I felt so.....relax and happy!!

Finally no need to stress about study anymore~

At least for few month....hehe

Gonna have 3 months holiday!

Gonna work in office if possible~

But after holidays, what should I study then??

Business management OR Finance & Accounting


any other ideas??

Sob...still blur...hehe