Thursday, June 17, 2010

King's birthday

Today is darling best friend, Hey King birthday~
Not much a plan.....just a simple and savings celebration for him (as what he planned)
Early in the morning, we went to Pavillion's swimming pool to have fun~
Swim and took a lot of pictures~ FUNNY!! especially Eng Seng~~ ^_^

Here are the pictures we took~~
look at Shaun expression~

Shaun again....lolx

Malay Seng

my hong hong so cute this picha~ =>

acting innocent =="

darling and baby~

1 girl with 6 guys~

King and Seng look like shooting for World Cup....hehe

just finish shower after swimming~
took this while waiting for the guys~ :)

my bao bao~

eng seng~

taking a rest at Star Bucks

when I'm taking this photo, Shaun thought that I'm shooting at him
and he asked me, "How it's look? Good? If not, then delete it."
I replied: "(@_@") Huh?? I also not shooting you."

and he turn to become very embarrassing that time...hehe
sorry ya~I don't mean to be embarrased you... :)

okay~ finally took a nice photo of Shaun...keke :)

weng hong, seng

here are all the plates of beef and pork that we've ate

vincent, eng seng, foo yap and ......hehe
sorry ya...
due to first time meeting, can't really remember his name...=P

birthday boy, Hey King

shy shy eeee

making wish~

birthday boy, Hey King
durian cake...yummy~