Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cheer Competition 2010

This year I went to cheer comp again~
as usual with RIWE and hong...
but this year is a bit different if to compare to last year
this is because.....
this year RIWEN are all together!!!!

It has been a while that I didn't get to meet our beloved Penny Chai Pei Nee...
this naughty girl....
so many place to study, she don't want to study
purposely go study at UTarc, Perak~ =.="
really don't know people will miss her so much de wo...

But seriously
even myself also did not realized I've missed her so much
When I get to meet her in cheer comp this year
I was so surprised
I'm shocked and speechless for a few second

But when I've come to my conscious
On the second thought, it was her....
I thought she was someone else...silly me!!
When I get to hold her hand
suddenly I felt so...warm??'s hard for me to explained
all I wanted to say is I'm so happy =>

After few word we exchanged~
we became emotional
both of us cried for no reason
lolx....I think most of the people who looked at us that time
will feel that we are an idiot....haha
However, I just don't care what other people think or say
all I wanted to say is....I really miss her so much!!!

you must come back KL more often
or else,
next time when I see you again~
I will end up making you cry again....hahahahaha

Love you and miss ya
Muackzx.... (^ ♥ ^)