Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One day trip to Berjaya Hills~

I guess its a bit late to write this post~
but better late than nothing

Today Vincy, Seng, King, Long, Rachel, Hong and I went to Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi for one day trip~
Initially, this idea came from me. I wanted to go there with my darling only....
but he did not know and invited his friends along~
We had lots of fun there
So I guess, inviting them along is not a bad idea afterall~
I was worried that the place will be boring~
and his friends will be bored...
A silent walk with my darling was all I wanted~~
Since seven of us going there and had a lot of fun, I think the more the merrier~
Maybe next time only go there with just my darling and I (@^~^@)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liese Juicy Shower

Recently I'm using this product almost everyday. NO...I should say it's EVERYDAY!! I can't deny but to admit that the raspberry scent is extremely addictive. Initially I was simply attracted by the product design because it looked so cute and seems like it's easy to use. So I decided to try it out and once I tried, I've fall in love with it...Can't missed it even a single day...

Liese Juicy Shower is a natural berry shower mist that gives hair a quick boost of moisture anytime, anywhere. I usually used this product soon I dried up my hair with my towel before my hair went dry~ I find it more useful when I use it before I sleep because on the next morning, my hair will become smoother and well fix in position~ No more mess for me to comb my hair~ I guess I'm just too lazy to set my hair ba...*blek*

This product is uniquely formulated with raspberry extract to instantly quench dry, rough, and damaged hair and smoothen all frizziness. Hair will become smoother and softer over time with HBT (Hair Beautifying Techonology). The refreshing berry scented water-base spray invigorates senses with every spray while enabling a fuss-free quick fix to the hair.

Hope you all will like this post (@^__^@)
Try it out yourself...
you may fall in love with it just like me =)
Leave comments if you are trying it ♥

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First earning income

 See this???
Hahaha....I guess it's quite an amount of money ba~~
It's my first earning income~

First time received money from the hard work I did
Really feels great about it~

Although working time maybe stress, exhausted and had a lot of dissatisfaction
But once I received the money which I worked on it~
I guess everything is worth ba!
Yeah!! it did !! ^__^

Anyways, that job tried once is enough ba...
Lolx...cause it's really a hard job!! wuwu~