Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eng Seng Friend Wedding at Sentul School Hall

Today went to Eng Seng friend wedding
His wedding was special
because it held on the morning to afternoon
plus in a school hall
(1st time experience)

Isn't it special??
no offence,
simply just my thought
and I really feel special about it
No doubt

I like the way they design the wedding
Theme was Buddha

It's spiritual + holy !
I somehow feel touched by the atmosphere
(p/s:: but if is my wedding, I don't like it tho...haha)

Anyway, some of the part I really do like it
For an example,
the design
the lighting
the procedure (simple and nice)

Didn't take much photo today
because I'm too concentrate catching on what is happening...haha
anyway, here is the link to the photo