Tuesday, December 20, 2011

21st Birthday Present in Advance ^_^

Yea....yea....I know my birthday still have long way to go~ 
[[p/s:: for those who do not know, my birthday is on April 23]]

and it's soooo soooo weird to receives present so early~ XD XD
but I guess this time will be special case ba....

Since my first aunty went to Japan at this year end season for holiday, 
so she bought me a Blue Label Burberry bag from Japan...

Blue Label Burberry is ONLY available in Japan de oooo....
so special and limited le...
truly appreciate my 2nd branded bag

*as you can see, I'm not really indulging myself on branded bag XD
guess I'm not really a real "woman" yet gua....lolx*
[anyway, sometimes I'm using it too...borrowed from my mum/sis geh...hehe]

Okay, anyway....I really really appreciate this present from my aunty
So I decided to post this as one of my memories~ =D
besides of buying that bag, my aunty also added a purse, ONE SET to suit with the bag
awwwww....so expensive neeeee!!! >.<
*kind of heart break*

Overall, it's so NICE!!! and the colour....is so so suitable for the coming X'mas!!!
Yes right??? hehehee...gonna use it on the coming X'mas I guess (maybe)  ^~^

I wanted to thanks my mummy too....for presenting me...
my very FIRST own branded bag...it's from Gucci de o...
Seriously, I'm not here to showing off....
* I'm no one special...so nothing to show off * ^__^
I'm just sincerely feels thankful and wanted to show my appreciation, as well as saving this post as one of my memories!!!!!
**If you think too much, you can close this window right away...haha...sowie eeeehhh**
Lastly, mummy....I LOVE YOU oooo!!!!
I know you love us (me and sis) too!!!
Love Love Love!!! ♥ 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

04122011 Malaysia International Game Show (MIGS) 2011

Hmm....I guess this time, my favourite photo of myself would be this one ba....
Simply because I had enough of smiling photo~
So perhaps, I should have one photo with "no smile" once in a while ba ^~^
Thanks to WJ photography for this awesome photo. Love it so much!! ♥  =D

Okay....let's back to the topic....hmm, I think I'm lucky enough to be hired for the third time by Kingsoft company~ As usual...they were kind and great "family" I ever had so far!!! [[ p/s:: Since I have less working experience, so don't say me naive ok? =P ]]. Sometimes there are funny too. And oh yea!!! before I forget, this time, I get to meet another new "family member" which is Kenzo Kobayashi~ 

As you all can see from the photo, he was stylish and cute guy. Tends to being tease by me by playing his hat because he is so shy of his bold head~ XD  hehehee....sorry neh~ I know I'm naughty, so please forgive me if I made you unhappy or angry ya... ^__^ *winks*

Besides of meeting this new guy, I meet another girl friend too~ and she is Joey Ng!! She is kind and friendly girl. And surprisingly, she is also living in Puchong, nearby my house area~ ^__^  So gonna make good friend with her so I got another babe to hangout with...xoxoxoxo  ^~^

Besides of meeting new friends, I got so closed with Eris Chew....my new BAO BEI!!! ♥♥ The more I know her, the more funnier she is. Glad to know her and spent so much chatting, joking and playing with her....and and and....we also did something embarassing too....shhh, that's gonna be our secret~ hahahaaa....and sorry for stealing your kiss for so many times oooo...I can't resist your SEXY lips....wakakakaka XD XD XD

and here are the photo of we four~ ^~^
Mikko Ng
Eris Chew
Carin Loh
Joey Ng

Other special thing I wanna share about is the new RED SPECTACLE that I bought specially for this event~
Planned to buy this spec to suit this look/costume...
Oh yeah....talk about this costume....hahahahaa....
This time the theme is about high school girl, it supposedly should be innocent and pure~
but obviously my costume has failed, I guess....hahahaha
sorry neh....employer bought it wrongly because kena tricked by the photo from online XD XD XD
but so far so good isn't it??? still look good ma hor?? *paiseh* heheheee

Hahahaa...and thanks for being hired for the third time, I finally get used to this job....and I had so so so much fun during working time....I even fooling around with the photographer by showing ugly poses....*blek blek blek* ^~^ and here are some of my ugliness~ >.<

Hmmmm....let me think what else can I talk about first...hmmm....Erm, I guess that's it for this post ba. Lastly, I just want to show my appreciation to Kingsoft again for giving me this chance to have fun with you guys....Thanks alot nehhhh  (^♥^) Love you guys~ =D

Kingsoft "family"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laneige Multiberry

Recently I'm so indulge with Laneige Multiberry products...
I've purchased both of the product below after I tried using it for the first time 
it was the sample given by the promoter...
and you're welcome to ask for consultation and samples from the counter if you wanted to try it out

It's been a while I try looking around and searching for the right exfoliate products for my skin. And I already tried various exfoliate products that can be found from any drugstore such as Watson, Caring and bla bla....but sadly, none of it is suitable for me....It is either I do not like the texture or the outcome of my skin condition does not feels right (feels like tightening after using) (>.<)

So yeah!!! Now I finally found one....^_^
and this is the exfoliate yogurt peeling gel that I recommend the most (so far) 
the texture of this product is really really MILD...
I do not feel any harsh friction on my skin when exfoliating~

It was so soft yet provides powerful exfoliation~
the gentle beads contained inside helps exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities that we can't see with our naked eyes...
*but seriously, I can instantly feels the differences before and after using this peeling gel*  
my skin feels softer and smoother after using it
*and hey, it was not my own imagination okay ^_^*

Actually exfoliation is good for our skin~
it able to helps polishes our skin for a smoother complexion ^_^
but make sure only exfoliates once or twice per week la...
do not use it too often or else, opposite outcome then no good le...hehe =P

Besides, this product also contained multi-berry-complex such as:~
and strawberries
All this berries are good for our skin...
it delivers abundant nutrition and antioxidants which are useful in eliminating harmful free radicals
thus, this product is good for de-oxidating and provides calming effect for healthier skin

Do not believe? Hehe....maybe you can have a try~ 
(no guarantee, as diff ppl, diff outcome)
Anyway, the price for this exfoliating gel is RM95
Comparing the price with the size of the product, I think it is reasonable and worthy enough ^_^


Erm, nothing much I can say about this product. I just bought it along as it stated that it best to use after using the peeling gel =D

 As been told, this product provides nourishment from deep inside our skin, leaving skin more supply and provides softer skin texture.

I used this product after using the exfoliates gel above. For me, both this product works very well on my skin. And I'm seriously in love with them ^_^

As for the price of this product, it would be RM100....still, it's worth comparing with the size and functions. So....try it...hahaaa  ^~^

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fooling Me Around~ ( ~.~)

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for past few weeks (or maybe a month) 
been struggling with my personal problem as well as my assignments from college~
so, pardon my disappearance all this while ya~

Hmm....today I wanna post something which I feels so....speechless
maybe some of you guys may already know or guess about my "personal problem"
well....if you guys had keep updating my page's status....you will get to know it eventually~

hmm....as for today...I chatted with my best sis in college about my problem
and I'm kind of....erm....how should I put it...
kind of tired, or maybe giving up soon
because the one who I loved is giving up on me without putting on a good fight
I already tried my very best, did whatever I can to fight for every bits of hope or chances for our relationship...
but at last it doesn't seems to work out very well.

I did not find him today....because I feel myself is so annoying from his point of view
besides, I don't want to beg from him anymore...because that is making me feel even more depressed 

Today I just posted on Twitter that I lose trust on guys, lose hope on them
and now...I saw this quote from Facebook

I dare to say I'm a rational person
and I admit that I'm easily affected by positive stuff when I'm in deep depression
and because of this easily get positive thingy that keeping me hanging around all this while... 
sigh =.="

When I saw the quote above, I straight away think back the post I twitted~
and I was like 
" (@_@") sigh....I really should not lose hope? "

I did not think much after that....try to ignore it because I don't want to keep thinking anymore
then, I scroll down, and I saw this

This remind me of something again...
Once there is this girl who really believes in miracle...
believes miracle will happen if she work really hard and trying her best
but sometimes, reality really prove to this girl, miracle DO NOT happen!!

*sigh....so what now? so this girl should keep on continue believing in miracle?*

Okay...okay....I try to ignore again...
I really don't want to go back....
and later on, I saw this pulak =.="

C'mon....I mean what's wrong with my FB??? 
or GOD, are you trying to tell me something? or are you fooling me around?

I tried so hard to give up now
but why I need to pass by all this quote which relate to my current situation
worst to worst, all are pursuing me not to give up T~T
I'm so lost

Monday, September 12, 2011

Malaysia International Toy's Fair (MITF) 2011

Last week from Sept 9th to 11th, I worked as showgirl again for Kingsoft company.
Although I'm wearing the same costume, but this time, no more WINGS for me~
I become a Wu Xia girl with a....blade?? 
(aaa...I'm not sure what it's call *paiseh* =P hehe)

Erm, for the first day of working, I'm kind of depressed due to some personal problem
but anyway, on the second day, thanks to everyone, I'm getting better~ =D
special thanks to Mun Mun, Winnie and Jen Yi for comforting me when I'm in deep depression~
After chatting and listening to their advice, I'm feeling better ^_^
*sincerely wanna thanks you all*

Besides, I also wanna thanks to some of them for the Chatime, Starbucks, cute little "man tao", free GSC cinema ticket, keychain, and etc...
So happy receiving so much from this fair, especially when I'm so down  ^_^

I called it as "man tao"~ because it looks like one~ =P 
so cute!!!! ♥

keychain received from a lovely friends~

free GSC cinema ticket from Boon Boon~ (0^~^0)

love all the gifts~ ♥♥♥

photo of me taken on those days~
let the pictures speak for me this time ^_^

same partner again~ weeee
this pretty lady called MIKKO NG

erp....I'm not sure what am I doing here...ahahaaa~ =P

photo taken naturally from one of the photographers
thank you ooo...to whoever he is~ =D

angry bird bird again~ ^__<

erm erm erm....dooodolls??
dunno leh...just know it's so cute....
so we took a photo with it...hehe

second time jor!!!! so happy!!!
some more this time can go on stage take it...*woots*

Photo taken on the last day of work~
big & lovely family~

The End.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Learning To Be Tougher

Tomorrow will be working as a showgirl for Malaysia International Toy's Fair (MITF) 2011 in Mid Valley.

Haha...I think I've wrongly estimated my emotion/depression level. Most of you sure will wondering how am I going to cry like a baby now and smile like an angel tomorrow? Lolx....even myself also not very sure about that.

Anyway, life still go on. I have decided to cry all I want for today...then standing all up again by tomorrow, be tough...and put a smile on my face...*hopefully*   (^_^) 

Seriously, hope I can overcome and handle it in a good way. I don't wish to put my employer or anyone down. That including myself~ =')

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jerejak Island, Penang

I know it's kind of late posting this...
but got post better than not...right? hehe

Since Hari Raya everyone are free and available,
one of our friends suggested to go Penang for holidays.

So, we bought 4 accomodation groupon from Groupon.com
and the resort we were staying is in Jerejak Island, Penang.

Actually, if you guys wanted me to rate the resort
I would like to give....NO-STAR resort~
Seriously, I personally don't really like that resort because it's dirty, scary, bad services and etc.
Too much to complain~ *blek*  =P

**Do not be fool by their photo from websites or anywhere**
*Ain't no true!!*

Anyway, glad that I did not went there alone.
Luckily I went there with another 12 people, 
and because of having a big group of friend, I'm not bored and enjoyed much on this trip.

all spec girls = shiny day =  ^_^

Hokkien Prawn Mee is one of my favourite in Penang
just by thinking, I'm already drooling~ haha ^~^

famous Laksa from "Kek Lok Si" temple~

we've ordered 21 bowls of laksa
visitors sitting nearby us are shocked knowing that...haha~

another favourite of mine...."ah pom"  ^__^
yum yum...I'm getting hungry right now >.<

thanks to our Max goh...
we got greet photo~ *teehee*

eat The Ships in the ship!!! Hooray~ ♥

last night before leaving...
fireworks and etc which I long time never play with

The End.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skytrek Adventure 2011

Hi there, I know it's kinda late updating this post
anyway, hope you all enjoy reading ^_^

Last Sunday (7th August 2011), I went to SkyTrek Adventure at Shah Alam with my Puchong gang + one of my BFF (Che Wei)
it's been a long long time I never do any exercising or work out
So I'm kinda worry will I be able to handle the "extreme adventure"

Haha...You may wonder why I said that...as you can see below~
the adventures begin with Jump start >little adventure > big thrill > extreme challenge

As a newbie (me), I straight away jump to extreme challenge without any experiences...
Some of them may already have some experiences from National Service or played before, but I didn't T__T
pity me...but still, I'm sooooo exited and LOVE to try as well as master it (my personalities) so so muchie!! ♥

Okay, let's start...
before our extreme adventure started, we need to walk all the way to the place for about half-and-hour
because we do not want to waste our time waiting for the bus to arrive =P
Although the walk is kind of long and exhausted, 
but thanks to my silly gang...keep talking, singing, and joking non-stop,
the walk seems to be shorter and not boring ^_^

When we arrived, people in charge at there will brief us about the safety measure (very important!)
Of course I listened carefully because I do not want to follow Darren's footsteps....wakakakaka
*Darren, don't angry k? chill geh~ ^_^*
This is the picture Darren took when I'm checking my safety tools~ =D  (I don't even realized)

(p/s:: actually I'm so worry and nervous...keep on checking the safety tools non-stop...teeeheee)

group photo before we starts our journey >....<
*pardon my weird-wrongly-haircut*  hehe

see....my bff did so well...go go ex-cheerleader...weeee~
so sad that no one took a picture of me when I'm playing....yiiii >...<
*pouts pouts*
next time don't want go infront d~ XD

taa-daaaa!!!! Han Woei become superman d...flying in the sky~ *woots*

I think less than 2 1/2 hours, we already finished up the challenges ^_^
Everyone is soooo tired and straight away buy a can of 100plus to ease our exhaustion
at last, we took a group photo again @^~^@