Friday, January 21, 2011

Friendscino "I LIKE YOU" Contest

Due to my dumbness, I bumped myself into a contest mistakenly around last month *teehee*  It was Friendscino "I LIKE YOU" Contest~ Things started when I mistook the job as a normal photoshooting....but ended up is a contest. =.="  Haha....I also do not know how could this be happening on me. If you know me well, you will get to know that I don't like to participate on any type of contest because I feels myself is not qualified enough and I definitely do not have much confidence in me. *blek* Anyway, since I already participated on the contest, I had no choice but to continue promoting my picture and video.... *chuckle*

This was the photo I needed to promote in Facebook to get more "LIKE". First, friends need to LIKE the Friendscino page first ( before able to LIKE my personal picture ( Hmm....I didn't force my friends to like it tho because even myself also feels that the other contestants picture look more awesome...hahahaha....Anyway, whoever wants to support me, you're welcome to LIKE my picture *teehee*  and million thanks for those who supports ^__^

Well, dear not forget to LIKE my video ( at the same time too....haha... As for the video, *ahem* *cough* *ahem*....I think I actually did a "quite good job" at there....maybe~  =.=" least for my first time right?? heheheehehe.....ah nah ah nah.....please don't blame me for my "syok sendiri" attitude....lolx....Anyways, hope you all will like my personal picture and video~ Enjoyed~~   ^__^

Life after first sem examination

I just ended my first semester examination on 13th of January 2011 and I was so excited for the upcoming holidays. My sis told me that we will be going to Thailand on my holiday and I looked sooooo forward for it. But sadly, when I finished my examination she told me that the ticket to Thailand is too expensive for normal price and it's not worth at this time....because it is not included accommodation and so on....So, the trip were cancel. =.=" my holidays have nothing to look forward to  ='(  and most disappointed is I fell sick on the second day of holidays *sien!!!*  Started off with minor flu and sore throat, then increase seriousness with heavy flu and cough eventhough I did consume medicine =.="  This held me few days before I gave up and looked for a doctor~ Dear doctor gave me some medicine for flu, antibiotic, fever and cough syrup (this one is totally awful...dislike it so so much!).

since I was a kid, I dislike cough syrup... *chuckle*

I took the medicine on time and gave extra careful on my diet because I can't bare the suffering anymore. But things went wrong when my friend were having a farewell party. The main dish for that night were barbecue =.=" need I say, you also can guess what will happen next ba =)  Yea, you're right....I disobey myself and ate those delicious yummy barbecue chickens, hotdogs and fish balls~  *yum yum*  (totally ignored my sickness =.=")

However, afterward I did took out my medicine and ate it.....lolx...I know it's too late....but better than nothing right? ^_^  Sigh....but things went wrong again when I woke up at the next morning, found my medicine lost from my sight. OMG!!! I was searching here and there but I failed to find it.  (T____T) For the first time I felt so moody that I lost my medicine (maybe because the med really helped ba =D) and I was thinking, is it I left it at my friend house??  Sigh....forget about it. I'm gonna eat the medicine my friend gave it to me last time =P  As a results, till now....I'm having my flu and some minor cough. Hope to recover soon before CNY hits.  (T__T)"