Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sis 21st Birthday Celebration

Aloha everyone~
today is my sis 21st birthday blast!!!
finally she is 21 now...which she dream so so much to become one...lolx
this time, she celebrating her birthday at home
by having a small buffet catering in my house inviting all the relatives, friends and family
had a great and enjoyable night with everyone

took some photo and here they are~

here we are again~
best sis ever~~love euuu...muackz ♥

eng yew and his sweetheart, Joana ^o^

me, Caren and my sis~

puchong gang~

sweet and remarkable memories with them~

from here one is self picture with friends~ =P
wai hoong, KC and Darren~

alone with Ryan

and of coz...won't left out this friend~
alone with Wai Hoong...hehe =P

all the instant photo I had

Friday, February 11, 2011

Operation During CNY =.="

This year CNY really spoilt mood. 
I planned and had full of energy to celebrate CNY happily this year but guess I'm not that lucky. 
On the 8th of Feb which is lin cho 6 of CNY, 
I have been admitted into Sunway Medical Centre because I've suffered a minor stomach cramping~ 
Initially, I thought it was just a normal cramping or gastric....or maybe period pain
but unfortunately it wasn't.

Under one of my ovary, there was a "huet lau"
then, on my another ovary...there were some black black thingy (not sure what are them)
and because I left it alone for too long...
the bacteria had spread into my large intestine causing some minor infection =.="
you say sien mou....this mean I need to do operation jek...aiks...

Since I'm not in severe condition, I thought maybe I can do the operation on May
this is because, 
on 11th is my best friend birthday
on 12th, my sis is having her birthday celebration in house
and on 14th is class re-opening
I'm too busy to do an operation now...

But..... (=.=") 
my mum force me to do it on the spot after receiving my report
damn...I'm so surprised because I'm totally not ready for this!!!
*cry cry cry*
but still, my mum force me till the end....sob sob

this thing the most painful and suffering thingy I ever had!!!
even after the operation, I personally think that this thing is more painful than the wound
sound weird right?? but it's true... ='(

porridge and medicine
this two thing is what I kept on consuming after operation

Anyways, thanks to my mum also
because at last I will be free from that pain...hehe
but seriously, the process really is killing me and freaking me out!!
I wish I wouldn't go through any of this anymore...*pray pray pray*

Sunday, February 6, 2011

♠ CNY 2011 ♠

First day of CNY....I guess everyone are the same~full of excitement !!  ^o^ haha....Erm, for me this year CNY there's a bit different compared to past 19 years. Haha...why I say so? It is because this year was my first time wearing a Cheongsam celebrating CNY~ Lolx...some of you may think, "What so special about it? Ish"....hehe...but for me, it really was my first time no choice lu...kinda exited about it. On the day before lin cho yat, I kept finding my family members to accompany me, wear a cheongsam. But at last, no one accompany me...sob sob....haha....but still okay la since the outcome quite satisfying~ everyone is praising *ahem* syok sendiri *cough* hehehehe.... =D

Second day of CNY, early in the morning...I went to my Petaling Jaya and Klang relatives house to bai lin. Nothing much happening at here....just meeting back those one year only get to see one time geh relatives chit-chat abit and of course....sure got gambling a bit geh....New Year ma...lolx...I also do not know why I will say like this....maybe is Chinese's tradition gua...haha...Later on, I went back to my father's hometown, Ipoh on the evening. Going to celebrate my "ku ma" birthday and overnight at there. Meeting back my well-grown up-pretty cousins....Yin Han and Yin Kei....One year no see already become so pretty.....hehe

Third day of CNY.....went to my friend house to bai lin for the first time. Hehe....take ang pau and starts gambling again...lolx...Later on, at the evening, went to IOI Mall with my sis and one of my friend. Had our lunch at Pastry House *if I'm not mistaken* hehe....erm, the place is quite cute and unique....nice place to chill with friends ^o^ here are some of the photo, have a look~

hmm...I guess this will be my last day celebrating CNY le....Why? Cause day after this....I have been admitted into hospital =.=" sien!!!!