Monday, March 28, 2011

Successful Presentation for PTE Class~

It's been a while we started practicing our drama + presentation for the PTE class
and finally, today is the day we're going to present.
Overall, we did a great job,
 even our lecturer has set our group as a benchmark for the upcoming groups to present 
and today, we get the chance to present twice due to some reason ^O^
although we're deadly exhausted, we're quite satisfied for the outcome
and the best outcome we ever had...
is that...
we get to form a NEW best group of friend~
which included 

7 Little Dwarfs


Chai Moon

Che Wei

Sze Yiing

Yee Cheng

Victoria and,


Friday, March 25, 2011

Zodiac Fact 1

If you want an ARIES to notice you, let them lead the conversation.

If you want a TAURUS to notice you, don't be unpredictable and undependable.

If you want a GEMINI to notice you, be slightly out of reach as they like the chase.

If you want a CANCER to notice you, be sensual, sweet, flirty and romantic.

If you want a LEO to notice you, don't ignore them...ever! They always want to be the center of attention.

If you want a VIRGO to notice you, be predictable. They don't like impulse or anything that takes thing out of their safety zone.

If you want a LIBRA to notice you, don't expect any quick decision. Libras like to weigh the alternatives in every situation.

If you want a SCORPIO to notice you, then don't ask for their opinion or advice if you're not prepare to hear the vicious truth.

If you want a SAGITARIUS to notice you, don't be a bummer to be around. They like hanging with people that are unbeat.

If you want a CAPRICORN to notice you, don't watch your expenditures. A Capricorn does not appreciate unnecessary spending.

If you want an AQUARIUS to notice you, then don't be a nagger or a complainer. They like positive thinker.

If you want a PIECES to notice you, then believe in old-fashioned, one-true love mentality.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tze's Birthday

Tze is officially 21st year old d~
this year, he celebrated his birthday at Japanese restaurant
which called Hokkaido Ichiba~
lolx....the food and ice-cream really ichiban man!!

Puchong gang~

Darren, Me and Rachel~

Kai Loon, Tze and Wilson

Mango Paradise *~*

watashi ima birthday boy~

the bithday boy
*singing birthday song to him*

wondering what wish he wished for *hmmm~*

we three again....loves camera~ *teehee*

me, Yau and Rachel


cute little chat box~

Kai Loon and Tze again~