Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Never Say Never

Hey folks, this all must watch!!!!
the storyline was awesome
and because of this movie, I started to like Justin Bieber...hahaha

Last time, I used to think that he is a normal singer with a pretty face and nice song
nothing special to admire AT ALL!!!
but I changed my point of view about him after watched this movie
I ONLY get to know that he is sooooo talented since he was a child.
OMG!!! Can't believe that....

And the way he strive for his dream, 
his confident, 
and determination really impressed me a lot!
He worked hard for what he owned now...
he deserve it !!!
and he impressed me even more when he got the chance to perform in the MOST FAMOUS ARENA
which same arena as Michael Jackson get himself into...
Real surprise!!! 
C'mon...for a singer at his age to have that ability and talent!! Who else could it be??? ^o^
He deserve all the popularity!!! 
He deserve everything!!!!
*clap clap* for him

Besides, I never look at his face more than 10 minutes...
because I think he look normal
so I never knew that he look that good
Since this movie talked all about him...
I get to see his face more than I ever did

Those cute photo when he was young....
omg....all I can say is...DAMN CUTE!!!
eyes so big and it's beautiful
Besides, I got to admit it....
his smile was soooo sweet~
and his personalities as well....joyful and friendly ^__^
haha....guess I got myself a minor Bieber's fever already....xoxoxoxo

I went to watch this movie with 3D effect at Mid Valley (highly recommended)
(p/s:: Mid valley 3D is the best quality I ever watched so far...)
I got this free premier ticket from my ji mui, Szing...
After this movie, four of us get to admire and starts liking Justin Bieber...haha...
guess this movie really change our mind a lot ^___^

photo with Justin Bieber ^___^