Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shooting Again ^___^ This time will be at Recreation Park, Bukit Jalil

Hey yo!!
Thanks for spending time reading my lame post again ^~^ usual...just for my own satisfaction~
you can choose to ignore if you have no interest on my lame post
lalallaalalala~ =P

Anyway, I uploaded few photo just to remember what shooting I had on this day
and another reason is...just to beautify my post~
*teeeheee* =D
yaya...I know you may think I'm crazy or silly...
but who's care? this is my bloggie~ weeee~~~
I LOVE the way it is~

Talk about today shooting....
I challenge myself for something new this time~
EMO shoot...
Frankly speaking, I'm extremely nervous and not sure whether it suits me or not
So, pardon me....I'm just "try-and-error" ing

If somehow, somewhere, you found my photo and think,
"Wahhhh...what is this a? So ugly leh?! Smile better la!"
Then sorry ya...that my photo annoy you.... I said, I'm trying to learn new things...
will work hard on accomplishing it *if possible* 

Kinda like this pic..
as its look like I'm in a fairy tale world~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Late Update Again, Sorry For My "Like to Procrastinate" Attitude

Hi there....sorry for being procrastinate again
actually I wanted to update this post on 17th....
but I ended up posting it on 21st instead...swt *lazy pig* =.="

Anyway nothing special about this post, I just wanted to post it as for my own memories~
I guess all the photo I posted here, most of you all already saw it from my Facebook page...
So, you actually can skip this post *if u want to* ^~^

Let's talk about 16th July 2011 shooting session....
I think it was my third time shooting with a group of photographers~
After being shoot for the third time, I feel myself got slightly confident on how to pose and smile to the camera
>.<  yaya....some of you may think that I'm suckz....but sorry okay?
I admit I'm still an amateur
and I'm still on my way learning to pose and smile to the camera
So please bare with me for some time okay? teeeheee  ^~^

Anyway, just make sure I didn't confuse you all...
I'm just a part-time freelance model
So I only accept job when I'm having sem break/ holiday/ 
or when I'm free from assignments and presentation T~T

bla~bla~ let's skip all the crap
back to the shooting session....
when I'm in the Botanical Garden, Putrajaya...
DAMN!!! I got to admit it....I hate that place!!
Not because it's dirty, uncomfortable, not nice or whatsoever...
but because of those STUPID MOSQUITO!!!
a swamp of them flying around and having buffet on my body T~T
feel like crying (as I hate insects the most in my whole life)...but I bare with it...
because I knew I'm on the middle of shooting (struggling myself) ='(

After shooting quite some time at the garden, I'm glad that the photographers finally asked me to change!!
can changed = can leave the botanical garden ^_^
hehehehe...I was so happy on that time.

Get myself changed and I felt so much relieved
a casual, comfortable, sporty and chilling outfit has saved my life...phew =)
later on, we took some pictures of this outfit before I changed to my lovely pink yukata~
Actually I'm kinda exited to change because it's been a long long time I never put that on me =P

Nice ma? Pretty ma? Cute ma??
hehehehehee....sorry for being syok sendiri ya...=P
I just love this new bought yukata from one of my japanese friend so much! ♥

Having great time posing and smiling with this yukata donned on me
with the skill of the photographers,
I got pretty up...isn't???
hehehehe....hope you all enjoy~  ^___^

Stay tuned and there will be more coming soon
Weeee~ I'm getting all fired up dddd....
Gonna challenge myself for the next upcoming shooting =D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shooting at Putrajaya ^__^

one of the themes for today ^__^

Last night I'm having trouble to get asleep. 
Stay on bed till 6 o'clock in the morning only sleep. 
That time I already knew I'm gonna GG for today shooting de la....
hardly can open my eyes when preparing myself around 11.30 a.m. 
In additional, I'm sure I am gonna look ugly this time >.< 
yiiiii.....don't even dare to imagine already ='( 

Anyways, overall I'm enjoying this shooting sessions with all the photographers
There are so friendly and funny...^~^
I'm not too shy when shooting with them...
maybe because their friendlier has ease my nervousness ba
Glad I joined today shooting session instead of going Bon Odori...
hehe....however, I also feel like going Bon Odori la, 
erm...maybe next year ba...hehehehehe

Now I just can't wait for all the photo to be posted...
nervous nervous...
wondering how do I look like in the photo~
nice? pretty? or ugly? ='( 
hahahaha...silly me.....i know...
but I'm just a amateur...sure will nervous geh ^_^

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Short Update =P

To all my follower~
I felt terribly sorry for my disappearance for this few months
Since April to May, I have been busy with my assignments, presentation and examination.
Therefore, I'm so so so lazy and out of time to update my bloggie~ =(
After examination, I'm too busy to sleep, eat and play =.="
yayaya....I know I'm bad...hehehehehe
Anyway, just a short update on whatever I didn't get to update before
and to about what happened to me recently~

On Feb 2011, I did a photoshooting with few photographer...
I guess most of you all already saw those photo on my page... ^_^
this is one of my favourite picture of myself~

On April 2011, I went to Port Dickson and Malacca 
with my puchong friends as well as my BFF to celebrate my birthday in advance~
it was a great trip and a miracle has happened between one of my BFF and Puchong friends...
hehehehe.... (@^__^)

On April as well, I went to Genting Highland for 2D1N trip...
nothing much to do at there....just enjoyed the chilling breeze 
because most of my friends went into casino =.="
I'm still underage to get into casino T_T

16th~19th June 2011
Went to Redang Island is the first trip I had after my examination
it's been so long that I first went to Redang Island 
back then, I think I was in primary school when I first visit to Redang Island~
Crystal clear sea water at there has never failed to impress me...still missing it~ *teehee*

On 26th of June, 
went to Secret of Louisiana to celebrate Joanna birthday...
it was a great and romantic place to hang out if you're a couple =P
too bad that day a bunch of friends (included me) go kacau Joanna and her bf~ hahahaa