Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skytrek Adventure 2011

Hi there, I know it's kinda late updating this post
anyway, hope you all enjoy reading ^_^

Last Sunday (7th August 2011), I went to SkyTrek Adventure at Shah Alam with my Puchong gang + one of my BFF (Che Wei)
it's been a long long time I never do any exercising or work out
So I'm kinda worry will I be able to handle the "extreme adventure"

Haha...You may wonder why I said you can see below~
the adventures begin with Jump start >little adventure > big thrill > extreme challenge

As a newbie (me), I straight away jump to extreme challenge without any experiences...
Some of them may already have some experiences from National Service or played before, but I didn't T__T
pity me...but still, I'm sooooo exited and LOVE to try as well as master it (my personalities) so so muchie!! ♥

Okay, let's start...
before our extreme adventure started, we need to walk all the way to the place for about half-and-hour
because we do not want to waste our time waiting for the bus to arrive =P
Although the walk is kind of long and exhausted, 
but thanks to my silly gang...keep talking, singing, and joking non-stop,
the walk seems to be shorter and not boring ^_^

When we arrived, people in charge at there will brief us about the safety measure (very important!)
Of course I listened carefully because I do not want to follow Darren's footsteps....wakakakaka
*Darren, don't angry k? chill geh~ ^_^*
This is the picture Darren took when I'm checking my safety tools~ =D  (I don't even realized)

(p/s:: actually I'm so worry and nervous...keep on checking the safety tools non-stop...teeeheee)

group photo before we starts our journey >....<
*pardon my weird-wrongly-haircut*  hehe bff did so well...go go ex-cheerleader...weeee~
so sad that no one took a picture of me when I'm playing....yiiii >...<
*pouts pouts*
next time don't want go infront d~ XD

taa-daaaa!!!! Han Woei become superman d...flying in the sky~ *woots*

I think less than 2 1/2 hours, we already finished up the challenges ^_^
Everyone is soooo tired and straight away buy a can of 100plus to ease our exhaustion
at last, we took a group photo again @^~^@

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo (DLE) Fair 2011

Two day has passed since I'm done working for DLE Fair 2011
It was a great, new experience for me as I never work for any fair before
Met a lot of new, friendly, and playful friends from the company, KingsoftGames
as well as others people too (showgirl, promoters, and photographers)
I was so surprised when I meet quite a lot of my facebook friends in real life (kinda embarrassed) =P
*I know it's common, but is my first time anyway...hehe*

playing with Razer headset

I'm having fun and enjoyed myself a lot working with Kingsoft Company
This is because every member from the company is treating us (showgirl) very good, considerate and loving.
Most of the time, I can rest, play and do whatever I want as far as I did my job right (pose for the camera).

As you can see from the photos,
most of the time I'm slacking off doing something else...hahaha

playing with the plush doll~
guess who is this cute-piggy~ ^_^

still dunno???
how about this???  hehehehehee....
it's me posing with the green PIG~

and here again, fighting for angry bird >.<

besides, I also did a lot of others lame stuff such as;
 > playing with the camera
> acting all cute
> playing with the angry bird
> slacking off sitting =P 
and etc....

third day of working day~
wearing a jacket because I'm soooo COLD!!!
"peace" pose~ ^_^

who wanna play with mie~ ♥

*scratching my head*
dunno what to pose d....muahahahahaa  XD

hahahaa...thanks to the costume as well,
I looked extremely tall this time

and of course, photographer skill is also important!
even without my heels, I still look tall =P

OH YA!!!! 
of course I won't forget about my lovely showgirl partner, Mikko Ng
we spent a lot of our time posing, shooting, play, and bla bla together...
she is so lovely and to "teh" people also...hahahaaa~

it's our turn to play angry bird!!!
*games created by our company*

Mikko gonna kill me with her samurai knife~~ yiiiiii  >.<

little angel and "sin lui" from heaven (back side of us)~

see!!!! we're enjoying ourselves right??
hehehehe...we are so lucky to have Kingsoft as our employer

Not agree???!!
No problem.....see this >>>
our employer even bought us Starbucks to ease our exhaustion
they're so lovely and caring!!!!!

Besides, our (included Kingsoft company) hardwork also has been payoff
because our booth won the "Best Booth Award"!!!
They are so creative to invent those attractive games and nice design of the booth
I can see they really put alot of efforts into it
Thus, they deserves to own this award~ =D

In additional, I'm so lucky can take photo with Agnes Lim from Razer company
She is soooo beautiful! Can't resist even if I'm a girl...hahaha...pity me~ >.<

pictures with all the leng lui~
*pardon our "syok sendiri" attitude*

Anyway, happy moment passed quickly as usual
at last, this is our final photo with all the members from Kingsoft Company~
Sincerely, Thanks a lot and gonna miss you all ^_^