Monday, September 12, 2011

Malaysia International Toy's Fair (MITF) 2011

Last week from Sept 9th to 11th, I worked as showgirl again for Kingsoft company.
Although I'm wearing the same costume, but this time, no more WINGS for me~
I become a Wu Xia girl with a....blade?? 
(aaa...I'm not sure what it's call *paiseh* =P hehe)

Erm, for the first day of working, I'm kind of depressed due to some personal problem
but anyway, on the second day, thanks to everyone, I'm getting better~ =D
special thanks to Mun Mun, Winnie and Jen Yi for comforting me when I'm in deep depression~
After chatting and listening to their advice, I'm feeling better ^_^
*sincerely wanna thanks you all*

Besides, I also wanna thanks to some of them for the Chatime, Starbucks, cute little "man tao", free GSC cinema ticket, keychain, and etc...
So happy receiving so much from this fair, especially when I'm so down  ^_^

I called it as "man tao"~ because it looks like one~ =P 
so cute!!!! ♥

keychain received from a lovely friends~

free GSC cinema ticket from Boon Boon~ (0^~^0)

love all the gifts~ ♥♥♥

photo of me taken on those days~
let the pictures speak for me this time ^_^

same partner again~ weeee
this pretty lady called MIKKO NG

erp....I'm not sure what am I doing here...ahahaaa~ =P

photo taken naturally from one of the photographers
thank you whoever he is~ =D

angry bird bird again~ ^__<

erm erm erm....dooodolls??
dunno leh...just know it's so cute....
so we took a photo with it...hehe

second time jor!!!! so happy!!!
some more this time can go on stage take it...*woots*

Photo taken on the last day of work~
big & lovely family~

The End.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Learning To Be Tougher

Tomorrow will be working as a showgirl for Malaysia International Toy's Fair (MITF) 2011 in Mid Valley.

Haha...I think I've wrongly estimated my emotion/depression level. Most of you sure will wondering how am I going to cry like a baby now and smile like an angel tomorrow? Lolx....even myself also not very sure about that.

Anyway, life still go on. I have decided to cry all I want for today...then standing all up again by tomorrow, be tough...and put a smile on my face...*hopefully*   (^_^) 

Seriously, hope I can overcome and handle it in a good way. I don't wish to put my employer or anyone down. That including myself~ =')

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jerejak Island, Penang

I know it's kind of late posting this...
but got post better than not...right? hehe

Since Hari Raya everyone are free and available,
one of our friends suggested to go Penang for holidays.

So, we bought 4 accomodation groupon from
and the resort we were staying is in Jerejak Island, Penang.

Actually, if you guys wanted me to rate the resort
I would like to give....NO-STAR resort~
Seriously, I personally don't really like that resort because it's dirty, scary, bad services and etc.
Too much to complain~ *blek*  =P

**Do not be fool by their photo from websites or anywhere**
*Ain't no true!!*

Anyway, glad that I did not went there alone.
Luckily I went there with another 12 people, 
and because of having a big group of friend, I'm not bored and enjoyed much on this trip.

all spec girls = shiny day =  ^_^

Hokkien Prawn Mee is one of my favourite in Penang
just by thinking, I'm already drooling~ haha ^~^

famous Laksa from "Kek Lok Si" temple~

we've ordered 21 bowls of laksa
visitors sitting nearby us are shocked knowing that...haha~

another favourite of mine...."ah pom"  ^__^
yum yum...I'm getting hungry right now >.<

thanks to our Max goh...
we got greet photo~ *teehee*

eat The Ships in the ship!!! Hooray~ ♥

last night before leaving...
fireworks and etc which I long time never play with

The End.