Monday, October 24, 2011

Fooling Me Around~ ( ~.~)

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for past few weeks (or maybe a month) 
been struggling with my personal problem as well as my assignments from college~
so, pardon my disappearance all this while ya~ I wanna post something which I feels so....speechless
maybe some of you guys may already know or guess about my "personal problem"
well....if you guys had keep updating my page's will get to know it eventually~ for today...I chatted with my best sis in college about my problem
and I'm kind should I put it...
kind of tired, or maybe giving up soon
because the one who I loved is giving up on me without putting on a good fight
I already tried my very best, did whatever I can to fight for every bits of hope or chances for our relationship...
but at last it doesn't seems to work out very well.

I did not find him today....because I feel myself is so annoying from his point of view
besides, I don't want to beg from him anymore...because that is making me feel even more depressed 

Today I just posted on Twitter that I lose trust on guys, lose hope on them
and now...I saw this quote from Facebook

I dare to say I'm a rational person
and I admit that I'm easily affected by positive stuff when I'm in deep depression
and because of this easily get positive thingy that keeping me hanging around all this while... 
sigh =.="

When I saw the quote above, I straight away think back the post I twitted~
and I was like 
" (@_@") sigh....I really should not lose hope? "

I did not think much after that....try to ignore it because I don't want to keep thinking anymore
then, I scroll down, and I saw this

This remind me of something again...
Once there is this girl who really believes in miracle...
believes miracle will happen if she work really hard and trying her best
but sometimes, reality really prove to this girl, miracle DO NOT happen!!

* what now? so this girl should keep on continue believing in miracle?*

Okay...okay....I try to ignore again...
I really don't want to go back....
and later on, I saw this pulak =.="

C'mon....I mean what's wrong with my FB??? 
or GOD, are you trying to tell me something? or are you fooling me around?

I tried so hard to give up now
but why I need to pass by all this quote which relate to my current situation
worst to worst, all are pursuing me not to give up T~T
I'm so lost