Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laneige Multiberry

Recently I'm so indulge with Laneige Multiberry products...
I've purchased both of the product below after I tried using it for the first time 
it was the sample given by the promoter...
and you're welcome to ask for consultation and samples from the counter if you wanted to try it out

It's been a while I try looking around and searching for the right exfoliate products for my skin. And I already tried various exfoliate products that can be found from any drugstore such as Watson, Caring and bla bla....but sadly, none of it is suitable for me....It is either I do not like the texture or the outcome of my skin condition does not feels right (feels like tightening after using) (>.<)

So yeah!!! Now I finally found one....^_^
and this is the exfoliate yogurt peeling gel that I recommend the most (so far) 
the texture of this product is really really MILD...
I do not feel any harsh friction on my skin when exfoliating~

It was so soft yet provides powerful exfoliation~
the gentle beads contained inside helps exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities that we can't see with our naked eyes...
*but seriously, I can instantly feels the differences before and after using this peeling gel*  
my skin feels softer and smoother after using it
*and hey, it was not my own imagination okay ^_^*

Actually exfoliation is good for our skin~
it able to helps polishes our skin for a smoother complexion ^_^
but make sure only exfoliates once or twice per week la...
do not use it too often or else, opposite outcome then no good le...hehe =P

Besides, this product also contained multi-berry-complex such as:~
and strawberries
All this berries are good for our skin...
it delivers abundant nutrition and antioxidants which are useful in eliminating harmful free radicals
thus, this product is good for de-oxidating and provides calming effect for healthier skin

Do not believe? Hehe....maybe you can have a try~ 
(no guarantee, as diff ppl, diff outcome)
Anyway, the price for this exfoliating gel is RM95
Comparing the price with the size of the product, I think it is reasonable and worthy enough ^_^


Erm, nothing much I can say about this product. I just bought it along as it stated that it best to use after using the peeling gel =D

 As been told, this product provides nourishment from deep inside our skin, leaving skin more supply and provides softer skin texture.

I used this product after using the exfoliates gel above. For me, both this product works very well on my skin. And I'm seriously in love with them ^_^

As for the price of this product, it would be RM100....still, it's worth comparing with the size and functions. So....try it...hahaaa  ^~^