Friday, November 16, 2012

15th November 2012: A Day To Remember - Heartbreak

You hurt me like no one else. You ditch me when I love you the most. You are the reason why I should not put all my trust on someone. But you are too good in whatever you did to steal my heart. I trusted you so badly and I fell for you so terribly bad this time. Thanks...thanks for all this pain you gave me.

Lesson learned. Never put your trust on someone no matter how much loved he has shown you before. Memories are just something meant to blindfold you. Because now, at anytime he can easily change his heart and told you he don't love you anymore. Not even a LITTLE. That's how cruel and heartless it is. =')

I've done my part more than enough. Thanks for the ugly truth, finally my eyes were open. I have no more regrets because I had put all my efforts till the last. =') Thanks for all these pain you gave me, I will use it to make myself even stronger. And it's okay....I won't blame you. Because once, you are really someone that I truly love and wanted for life....and those false memories you gave me did gave me happiness before. It just that, it no longer memories but instead, a lesson for me.

If want to blame, then blame myself for being too naive, believing you and having faith in us. It's my own choice...That's just the way it is... ^__^"

Sometimes, people decide to leave you no matter how much you don't want them to. There are some things that are far beyond our control. And even if you have the strength to fight for them, you have to accept the cold, harsh truth....that the people you can't live without, can live..."without you"...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Attempt

On 5th of September 2012, I'm being offered to have an indoor shooting at PixelsFlare Studio. Frankly speaking, I do not have any experience before...So, at first I'm quite hesitate if I'm able to pull it off myself alone this time without any "props" (>___<).
Some of you may have already offered me before for an indoor shooting and I rejected it...but why this time? You may wondered~ Ahem~ actually even myself was not quite sure about it....but I guess, recently I would love to try something new myself ba *slowly but gradually* *ahem* something new~ @_@

Hmm....As I can remember, the night before the shoot, I was so nervous...hardly can fall asleep. Haha...guess I'm still an amateur ba *I admit* (^~^) hahaha...and there is also a moment that I thought of giving up trying too (XoX) *Zzzzz....useless me*. But still....hahahaa...took it up and went for it. =P

On the shooting day itself, I got nervous nervous too....but I'm lucky to have them~ friendly yet comforting photographers~ nyaaa~~ Thanks Wee Meng, Kim Wai and Kin Tai. You guys helped me a lot in guiding me and making me feel like home and also being myself. Really glad and thankful working with you guys~ (^__^)

Besides, this time I really try something new...
Spot myself in "different me"...all in one-day~
really really first time experience for me...
*hahahaa...and sorry for being over excited/happy over something so little*
*this is just me ^__^* 
~if you get what I mean~ 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cooking + Dinner @ Kelvin House

Around 5.30++pm of the day, few of us (max, joanna, eng yew, darren and me) went to Tesco, look around and bought the ingredients for the night~ after that, we headed straight to Kelvin house for the "war" to begin by puchong gang~ ^__^ heheheee~

me and joanna, washing the vege before cutting and cooking~ =)
baby corn, mushrooms, carrot and bla bla~~

after washing, its time for cutting~
I'm in charge of cutting the baby corn into smaller pieces
and darren were busy peeling the potato skin~
both of us....still a typical poser...hahaa
camera up...and we just smile (^_^) hehehe~

Max, me and Kelvin is in charging of preparing the...
*Aglio-olio spaghetti*

~boiling process~

this is how kelvin's kitchen looked like when everybody is cramping together
happy family ehhh  ≧^◡^≦

and seriously, when handling the spaghetti...
really feel like having war lo...hahahaa
eng yew, max, vin....and everyone were trying so hard to save those spaghetti from going down the drain...
pity we couldn't save some of it...hehehee
(@^ ~ ^@)

max is helping to tear those bacons into tiny pieces...

hahahaa...after today...only I know I actually can cook...trolll
*ahem* yala...maybe not very pro la...but...hahaha
still delicious wehhh...and of course, Max and Kelvin also got help la
heheheheh (¬‿¬) 

pardon my oily face + messy hair (>.<) I wish I will have a look like those girl/women on TV
always looked awesome even before/after cooking (=.=") hahahaaa!!

weee....fried sausage I also got help daaaa ^_^ I'm starving pulak (>.<) *pouts*

boiling potato...
and Joanna gonna make MASHED POTATO tonight...
learned something new from her d...hehehe
*yummy yummy*

*I also want to try mash ha...mash ha those mashed potato*
hahahaa...I would say I love to play instead...lolx~  (っ◕‿◕)っ

Kelvin and Darren were distributing the soup of the night~
mushroom mushroom soup ^_^

everyone can't wait to eat d....all were looking at the final process
hahahaa~ XD XD

here's our home-cook-dinner by puchong gang~ 
   ♥   nicey and look delicious~     

finally we did something good together today ^_^

k k k....time to eat!! 
hahaha...see how happy I am~
it was my breakfast + lunch + dinner laaa!!!
was starving nearly to death...hahaha~ ☜(*▽*)☞

Saturday, August 11, 2012

11082012 CW's 21st Birthday

okay...for her advance birthday celebration....Kiwi choose to celebrate it at Fahrenheit Suites~
so we booked a hotel and having all night at there with only close friends from college~

Overall, the "suites" wasn't that bad after all....
but seriously, you must IGNORE the outside part....
hahaha....cause it looked scary XD XD

but luckily when we enter the apartment/suites....quite nice and comfy~
Comfy until we're unwilling to leave the room~ because that day it is freaking hot outside 
below are some of the pictures of the "suites"

look okay right?? ^__^
and seriously, that place really comfortable and relaxing
*excluding the "taking lift" part...hahahaa =P *

Day time we go shopping and night time we bought some food, cake and wine to chill in the apartment.
We also spent time playing boardgame and chit chatting together
After a long time never meet my college friends, this celebration is really good for union and gathering....heheheee =D 

Che Wei celebrated her birthday in advance...
and at the same time, we also celebrated Weng Hong's belated birthday...hahaaa
do not know who's idea is this....but good also...happy family ma...hahahahaaha
... for the photo below...
I have no idea why the hell I looked like that...
and my face....for the first time it turned out this red after drinking some alcohol...
(@___@) no more going in to my bone edi??? yeahhh....should be good news then...hahahaa is sober face (=.=")
don't feel like putting it here...but no choice...b'day girl is inside...*pouts*

for some reason...I madly in LOVE with the photo below...haha
haa...dunno why when I looked at it...I feel so happy and sweet
I'm even thinking of putting it as my FB's cover photo....
but that would be weird...lolxxx..
p/s:: wth...hahaha...feel so gay~XD XD]

and here are the boys of the night
without them in the house, it would be a silent night...hahaa
because they're hyperactive!!! but thanks to them, we're all having fun on that night

I have no idea when was my camera got raped by these 2... I'm gonna post you guys geh photo to public as a punishment...hahahaaaa~
but anyways, this photo looked so share it around k...hehehee~

and taa-daaa~~
being sweet where can left out the b'day girl and her darling gehhh...hehe
heh wish you both forever happy and keeping each other together till the end ^__^

I guess that's it for that day...haha for the "what happened next"
it's better not to mention here...hahahaa....feel paiseh for myself....lolx...
 k la...hope next time still got this type of celebration/gathering l
looking forward for the upcoming pre-planned trip on september...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

04082012 Outings with Ji Mui @ Pavillion

took this picture early in the morning when I couldn't get back to sleep~
was selca-ing when suddenly Fluffy pops in...she wanna take picture together too~~
^__^ lovely isn't she? ^__^

After 2 months plus of not hanging out with my babes...
finally....finally today get to meet up with them~ =D
We planned and decided to gai gai and chilled at Pavillion~
 and occasionally, we dolled up without even planned. 
hahahaaa~ *sam ling siong tong* aaaa~ 

We went to Levain to have our brunch~
whole day I can't stop chit-chatting with my babes...
talked about a lot of stuff which happened recently...
happy, sad, funny, lame....what also got...
lolx....makes my emotions up up and down down...ahhahaa
but still...I'm appreciate to have them around me when I needed them~ 

newly sweet couple~~

as usual...girls way of taking photo I guess...hehee~ 

We talked and chatted so much until me and Moon Moon also felt thirsty d~
So we decided to have a high-tea~
served with my favourite Macaroons~ 
*yummy yummy* I love the ROSE Macaroons the most~ *drooling* 

Luckily I also not a leng lui pui me~ and Moon Moon =)

First time seeing Hello Kitty Cafe Latte in real!!!
taste good too~ 

After gai gai....then next round is to LOUDSPEAKER~
seriously...we had fully utilized "today" from morning to night...
felt so contented...cause we've been always "lazy" lately...haahahaha~ =P
and yea...that's all for today ^_^

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Second Weeks Of Internship

#First day of working#...pardon the bad quality of my photo
took this with my ipad when the sky was not even bright enough yet (^__^@)
so....heheeehe~ excuse the quality ya~ 
It's been roughly two weeks I had my internship in Deloitte KassimChan and for some reason, I found that I kinda like working rather than studying. Lolx....seriously, I don't feel like going back to college life after three exam, no assignment, no deadline, no no no to all these!!! T___T

hahaaaaa.....sigh....but too bad, life goes on...and I still need to continue my study...Zzzzz~ =.=  *pouts* Suan le ba...wish and dream ha also not bad ma...heheee T~T *sounds pathetic* =.=

Anyway, I only realized this after I started to work.....yea yea....I know working is tiring because we need to wake up every morning and work like cow till evening, or maybe sometime even need us to work for overtime....However~~~~

Despite of all that, I'm still enjoying working...troll~ (@^___^@)

*ahem...maybe someday I will regret saying this ba...
since internship is so much difference from real life working experience*
teeeheeee XD XD XD

Okay, back to the topic~
For the first week of working, I hardly get any serious task. All I did was simple tasks such as filling, re-organizing file and bla bla....So, I do not really feel the inefficiency of laptop when doing task which is related to inputing figure into the system~~

And when coming to this week, my leader starting to give me task which required me to input those data, figure into the system....When doing that, one or two entry were never mind....but when it came to whole day inputing data....I was like...OH My God!!! Damn is so hard to input those number continuously when using laptop if compare to desktop because number on laptop's keyboard is so far away, especially 1 and 0... Zzzz... 

(*ahem...okay...I know some of you may find no hassle in this issue...but for me, I really don't like it...I worked so much SLOWER!!! Feels myself like an old turtle...or a baby learning to play please don't mind my complains...kekekee*)

Almost everyday, I'm so jelly with my colleague because they can use desktop which enable them to do their work faster...How I wished to have a desktop when working because I can have a wider screen and number pad which will make my life much easier (>.<) sighhhh....

But positive and there sure have an alternative for mieeee~~and finally I bought an external number pad to increase my efficiency on my workflow~~now I'm so exited to try it on tomorrow...hehehee.... =P  Besides, I'm so exited over those extra key (orange)...look so efficient je~~ XD XD XD...okay okay...I know I crap alot edi...hahaaa....but the point is, it's been so long I did not updated my blog lemme crap k~ teeehee~~ (^~^)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

R.I.P to my beloved daddy

keep telling myself to stay tough...crying will be meaningless and I know daddy will be sad seeing me crying like that...I'm trying my best to control my own emotions...and sorry daddy, for being weak and such a crybaby...but please R.I.P...I will stay strong for you...I know you love me being a strong girl just like you... =')  now maybe quite difficult for me to overcome the sadness, but...I promise you I will accept the fact and move on just like you wish to see...I will... =')

I will also work hard and take good care of myself and daddy, rest in peace k...we will always love you from bottom of our heart.

and daddy....



you are the best man ever that appears in my life
thanks for bringing me to this world and filled me with all your love and patient...
taught me to become a fine lady and a strong girl as strong as you...
I'm glad to have you as my daddy, sincerely...
you will always be the best man ever from the bottom of my heart.
Love you once again and forever.... T__T

Saturday, February 18, 2012

18022012 Photography with Julius and his photokaki

It's quite a long time ever since I go for a photoshooting again...
Even the last modelling job I had is also not purely was just being a showgirl in game fair~
 *although I still posed alot~* =P 
(which I also enjoyed alot with mua Kingsoft "family")

and finally, I'm back on the track again after being so "lazy" lately....hahahaha...
felt terribly bad and sorry for keep postponing my dearly photographer, Julius for so long...
sincerely, sorry more 6 months later...k?? promise u....heehehehee ♥ (^__^)

Okay~ back to the shooting....
hmmm...what I can say about today shooting was....raining spoiled our initial plan/theme ='(
lolx....whatever we planned to do, at last we're not able to carry out fully...lolx...
ended up...our "camping theme" gone d...wakakakaka XD XD XD
Anyway, luckily putrajaya was huge and so, we found buildings to shoot for the remaining hour....
was fun and still able to take alot of photo...
so, was still a success ^___^
enjoy~ ♥♥♥ 

link to the photo album >>>
Outdoor Tenting
Day Outing 18/2/2012

joined my page or instagram for more photo upload...xoxoxo!! ♥
stay tuned~ (@^_^@)