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Friday, January 27, 2012

Traditional Wear ^__^

This year CNY, me and my puchong friends tried out something new...
for the first time, we all agreed and planned to wear traditional cheongsam/sam fu to bai lin~
because we never tried before....
and yeahhh!!! this time, everyone shown their cooperation by involving themselves 100% 
(except few of them =.=")
Anyway, since most of us also followed the plan, so I assumed it was a success ba!!! ^__^

this pic is the puchong gang  ^__^
(few member back hometown/go vacation)
this year, puchong gang add one more member d...
that's my ji mui, Che Wei....
she joined the gang because....hehehehe....ask YAU~~ =D kekekeee~

hahahahaa....guys kena forced by beauty lady XD XD
Max's expression is the most epic...lolx...
pity you guysss~but still happy right....kekeke  =P

Photo taken when visiting friend's home~
only got few photo taken ni....ish~  (>.<)

Foong Yee with her sis, bff, and buddies~~ ♥
hehehe...combined all because I'm too lazy to upload photo here...lolx~
*paiseh paiseh*

together "lou yue sang"!!!
lou aaahhh~~ =)
[[p/s:: hope I don't failed my AMP subject]]
that's my only wish for now....sobbb sobb  T___T

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tanjung Sepat Trip

This is the photo I took early in the morning...
which I'm still exited ...

heading to the bus...

and whoola...the seat were so comfy~~
and as a result...
whole journey I just sleep sleep sleep...and sleep only...lolx
piggy piggy little FY~ I know I know XD XD

went to FGS Dong Zen Temple~
it was my first time coming here~
hmm...not much interesting tho...maybe night time will be nicer ba...=P
anyway, since first time visiting...of coz I'll take some photo...hehe~

imitating the statue~ XD
my sis helped me take this photo...
but she don't even realized I imitating it...
lolx....guess my imitation fail d....kakakakaa~~ XD

big drum!!!
if it fall on me, I can die d... =P

with my sis~ 
both of us so boring neee...
get tricked to follow this trip...lolx...suan le ba...went d jiu suan >.<

still nice view ma....

got beautiful flower somemore~~ =D

got rock hill also tim!!!
[[p/s:: deceiving myself that I'm having fun T^T lolx...]]

I love this kind of tree...
it gave me the "relaxing" or "china country" feel...
nice nice~~ ♥ with mummy d...
she lau gei liao...hahahaa~ XD

After visiting FGS Dong Zen Temple, then we headed straight to Tanjung Sepat. Along the way, we had 2 or 3 times  break and makan~ ate so much during this trip ne. I think I gained some weight d...lolx...Once reaching the "resort"....I was like (@___@") wth!!!!! Zzzz.... (=.=")

Anyway, the place I'm overnight-ing is sooo sooo soooo....disappointing. Ahem~ in conclusion....all I ever do in Tanjung Sepat is sleep, eat, ipad...sleep, eat, and ipad again.....this activities repeated non-stop during the whole trip. Zzzzz...(=.=") Aiks....I do not want to complain anymore d....think dao also want faint liao (>.<)

[[[ I did not take any photo at Tanjung Sepat...because I was sleeping almost all the time...lolx ]]]

Hmm...anyway, I also having some fun at there gehhh...
having fun chatting and listening to all those aunties and uncles joke, experience and etc (^_^)
and also receives quite a number of ang pao from them...teeheee~~ <3 <3

and I also bought these cute little dragon, cake, ramen, sushi, and butterflies from Tanjung Sepat
those are magnet...for refrigerator deco~~ ^_^

Saturday, January 21, 2012

20122012 A Girl Is Still A Girl

If you see she smile or happy, don't simply think she really felt it that way. 
She might be a strong girl from outside which you all can see....
but no one will know if she is shedding her tears at the middle of the night till she fell asleep. 
And one will understand her. 

No one will understand her...
because she is a type of a girl who don't simply show her weakest point to others matter how strong she can bare and stand...
She's still a girl...
a girl who need shoulder to cry on...
a girl who need comforts from someone...