Saturday, February 18, 2012

18022012 Photography with Julius and his photokaki

It's quite a long time ever since I go for a photoshooting again...
Even the last modelling job I had is also not purely was just being a showgirl in game fair~
 *although I still posed alot~* =P 
(which I also enjoyed alot with mua Kingsoft "family")

and finally, I'm back on the track again after being so "lazy" lately....hahahaha...
felt terribly bad and sorry for keep postponing my dearly photographer, Julius for so long...
sincerely, sorry more 6 months later...k?? promise u....heehehehee ♥ (^__^)

Okay~ back to the shooting....
hmmm...what I can say about today shooting was....raining spoiled our initial plan/theme ='(
lolx....whatever we planned to do, at last we're not able to carry out fully...lolx...
ended up...our "camping theme" gone d...wakakakaka XD XD XD
Anyway, luckily putrajaya was huge and so, we found buildings to shoot for the remaining hour....
was fun and still able to take alot of photo...
so, was still a success ^___^
enjoy~ ♥♥♥ 

link to the photo album >>>
Outdoor Tenting
Day Outing 18/2/2012

joined my page or instagram for more photo upload...xoxoxo!! ♥
stay tuned~ (@^_^@)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Szing 21st Birthday Celebration & Ipoh Trip

Sau sing lui, Szing say wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday at Ipoh...So we arranged the trip and it was a success!! ^_^ We stayed in French Hotel which was seriously a hell reasonable, affordable, comfortable, and relaxing hotel!! I think it was way better than some of the hotel available in kl which is more costly and unreasonable...hehehe *just my own opinion tho* XD XD

here are some of the photo of the hotel~ Lolxx...

in love with the bathroom....but too bad a bath tub is missing~ or else, it will be perfect~ ^___^ ♥♥♥

place where I did my skincare, makeup, wash-up...and bla bla  =P

okay....time for camwhore before rushing out again.... >.<
and I ended up with this "duck" face!!! XD XD XD
lolx....someone was complaining about the duck face....hahahaaa...
but anyway....give no damn about it~~~ kekekekekekee.... XD XD XD

kinda dark at this area....
have no idea why there's no light above this area where it is supposed to have one =.="

self-cam with szing szing, me, and my partner of the night....chai moon ^___^ ♥

self-cam again before heading out for presenting the cake to the birthday girl~ ^__^
pardon our reckless outfits...=D

guys preparing and candling the cake~
yummy....I was so hungry at that moment...
can't wait to have a taste of the cakey....
and oh yeahhh!! it was delicious!! *mouth-watering*

RIWE is back~~
know who are them??? here it is:~
ca R in
sz I ng
ki W i
jo E y

all the guyS~~