Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Second Weeks Of Internship

#First day of working#...pardon the bad quality of my photo
took this with my ipad when the sky was not even bright enough yet (^__^@)
so....heheeehe~ excuse the quality ya~ 
It's been roughly two weeks I had my internship in Deloitte KassimChan and for some reason, I found that I kinda like working rather than studying. Lolx....seriously, I don't feel like going back to college life after three exam, no assignment, no deadline, no no no to all these!!! T___T

hahaaaaa.....sigh....but too bad, life goes on...and I still need to continue my study...Zzzzz~ =.=  *pouts* Suan le ba...wish and dream ha also not bad ma...heheee T~T *sounds pathetic* =.=

Anyway, I only realized this after I started to work.....yea yea....I know working is tiring because we need to wake up every morning and work like cow till evening, or maybe sometime even need us to work for overtime....However~~~~

Despite of all that, I'm still enjoying working...troll~ (@^___^@)

*ahem...maybe someday I will regret saying this ba...
since internship is so much difference from real life working experience*
teeeheeee XD XD XD

Okay, back to the topic~
For the first week of working, I hardly get any serious task. All I did was simple tasks such as filling, re-organizing file and bla bla....So, I do not really feel the inefficiency of laptop when doing task which is related to inputing figure into the system~~

And when coming to this week, my leader starting to give me task which required me to input those data, figure into the system....When doing that, one or two entry were never mind....but when it came to whole day inputing data....I was like...OH My God!!! Damn is so hard to input those number continuously when using laptop if compare to desktop because number on laptop's keyboard is so far away, especially 1 and 0... Zzzz... 

(*ahem...okay...I know some of you may find no hassle in this issue...but for me, I really don't like it...I worked so much SLOWER!!! Feels myself like an old turtle...or a baby learning to play please don't mind my complains...kekekee*)

Almost everyday, I'm so jelly with my colleague because they can use desktop which enable them to do their work faster...How I wished to have a desktop when working because I can have a wider screen and number pad which will make my life much easier (>.<) sighhhh....

But positive and there sure have an alternative for mieeee~~and finally I bought an external number pad to increase my efficiency on my workflow~~now I'm so exited to try it on tomorrow...hehehee.... =P  Besides, I'm so exited over those extra key (orange)...look so efficient je~~ XD XD XD...okay okay...I know I crap alot edi...hahaaa....but the point is, it's been so long I did not updated my blog lemme crap k~ teeehee~~ (^~^)