Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Attempt

On 5th of September 2012, I'm being offered to have an indoor shooting at PixelsFlare Studio. Frankly speaking, I do not have any experience before...So, at first I'm quite hesitate if I'm able to pull it off myself alone this time without any "props" (>___<).
Some of you may have already offered me before for an indoor shooting and I rejected it...but why this time? You may wondered~ Ahem~ actually even myself was not quite sure about it....but I guess, recently I would love to try something new myself ba *slowly but gradually* *ahem* something new~ @_@

Hmm....As I can remember, the night before the shoot, I was so nervous...hardly can fall asleep. Haha...guess I'm still an amateur ba *I admit* (^~^) hahaha...and there is also a moment that I thought of giving up trying too (XoX) *Zzzzz....useless me*. But still....hahahaa...took it up and went for it. =P

On the shooting day itself, I got nervous nervous too....but I'm lucky to have them~ friendly yet comforting photographers~ nyaaa~~ Thanks Wee Meng, Kim Wai and Kin Tai. You guys helped me a lot in guiding me and making me feel like home and also being myself. Really glad and thankful working with you guys~ (^__^)

Besides, this time I really try something new...
Spot myself in "different me"...all in one-day~
really really first time experience for me...
*hahahaa...and sorry for being over excited/happy over something so little*
*this is just me ^__^* 
~if you get what I mean~