Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lin Chor 7: 16.02.2013

YEAH!!! Sis finally is back ^____^  and well....I'm sick like dead fish~Zzzz =.=
Feel so bad for not able to give her a nicer greeting when she arrived home yesterday. 
I was only able to look at her and say "H...i...."  aiks! Paiseh~ T^T

Been eating alot of medicine whole day and thanks god, at least I was able to move my ass off from my bed for the night party. And also thanks to the power of makeup *again!!*, at least I was able distinguished my tired, ugly, cat face look~ teeeheee~ 
(well, surprisingly everyone could tell that I looked sick...*guess I failed to distinguish then* >__< )

Did not have much fun at there as I am really really exhausted and could not bring myself to enjoy the fun with the others.
But well, I'm happy to seeing how others are enjoying themselves and CNY laughter is the best~ right? ^_^

Took some photo with the others and gonna post some of them here as a part of my memories~~
building up...building up new memories~~ ^_^

and tonight is also our puchong friends gathering for bai nian, lou sang, gamble, 
or for whatsoever it is~

here is our salmon lou sang from Sushi Tei~
so yummy and delicious, but I cannot eat too much~sobb
was only able to have a taste of it only because I'm not fully recovering yet ='(

 First picture with my beloved sister~~
she's lose so many weight d...and got darken too... I'm fairer than her, Yush! 
for once in my entire life...hahahahaha~~ XD 

 today is "yan yat" (everyone birthday)
but we also celebrated sis belated b'day~~
fruit cake, one of her favourite ^_^

best sister forever~ miss her so muchie~

happy face? hungry face?
^___^ zhong zhi jau cute face la~~~
love you, sis 

~Group Photo~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Year 2013 resolution: Be Stronger!

To be honest, I have no idea how much that person can make such a huge impact on me....
Ever since that day when he left me, I have lost.
I lost a part of my life not knowing what myself have turned to.
I ended up not blogging anymore or to be exact, I have no words to describe my feelings...
Eventho I looked perfectly fine from the outside but innerly, I know I'm not.

Anyway, each and everyday I know myself is getting stronger and stronger.
Every single day I kept telling myself to get it over.'s hard.
but is okay, his truth side, I have seen clearly.
I know it's time for me to use my brain instead solely following my heart.

Chinese New Year is already here. 
1st of Jan, New Year 2013, I failed to let go....but here is another chance for me again right?
New year, new beginning....wishing myself can grow even stronger and leaving all the memories behind...

Keep smiling and one day, depression will get tired of upsetting you. ^___^