Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Note to myself

Scrolled thru the "photo of me" on Facebook and I saw a photo tagged by my friend. Looking at the date, it is exactly few days before he left to UK for two years. Looking at that smile, that kind of memories from two years ago...everything now has changed. I've been replaced by another.....

Once I've been told that "it is sad to see the one you love has changed so much" in twitter two years back then....And now, this sentence fit exactly to the one who said that. Talked about faithfulness, loyalty and honesty back's a total disappointment now.

Nothing special about this post, just making a note for myself, reminding myself, "Why I should not have trusted him and having faith in him..."...and most important, a lesson to myself =')   (15.11.12-Day to remember) but it's ok. It's my own silliness...So I can (must) take it .