Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Holidays (Throwbacks)

Feels not right for not updating these memorable trips I had a few months ago.
Therefore, I decided to update all at once in a post...haha
Actually I wanted to update it on those dates itself, but I'm kinda pissed at the "blogspot uploader" because it is so so soooo damn slow....wasted my time (=.=) *pouts* [or maybe, I've no patience...lolx]
Anyway, just a short post for myself to remember in the future...

[p/s:: I think most of the 'passingby' already seen this photo...so, just ignored this post. hehe..]

7th - 11th December 2012

Club Med Bintan

Looking back at the photos in my hardrive, it actually....hmmm, well~ brings back some unpleasant feelings for this trip. As I remembered, this trip I went was not meant to be a "happy-holiday-to-enjoy"...instead, it was meant for me as a distraction/holiday for my heartbreak. That time I was really in a serious shit due to my daddy's death, examination coming soon and well....a....well...i wish not to address him in a rude way....but ya..."a him" who broke my heart into pieces with all his lies and betrayals. Ahem....ya...that is basically what my "mood" is when I went there. 

Before I went there, I doubt if I should go there or stay at home. But after I went there and met my sister, I am glad that I made a choice to go there. Seeing my sister, chatting with her and telling her all my stories really makes me feel better. Although some of the time my sister did scold me for being silly, naive and not worthy for what I did for him but, she also did gave me mental supports and advises which wakes me up (eventho it is just a little, but I do appreciates). Aside from that, meeting new friends, enjoy with family on this trip also healed me a little.

Without realizing, for a moment, I really forgot what my problems were and ya...truly agreed to what people said, "go on a vacation and relaxed yourself". Finally understand this...hahahaa....*weird*. After this trip...went back to reality and thanks god, for a short moment I was able to concentrate on my exam before "evil memories" hits me again.

7th - 13th June 2013

Taiwan Trip 

Nevertheless, this trip was the most memorable trip I had recently. This is because for the first time, I went on a trip fully-only-my-bff-without-any-parents!!!! Weeee~~~Planned this trip month after the exam on December and yeahhhh! This time no more hanky-panky or procrastination. It's real this time with my babes on trip which I wanna try for soooooo long! We did not follow any tour and it was 100% self-planned-tour. Hehe....We went to this trip right after our FINAL YEAR EXAM! and hell yeah, this time the mood I bring together with me was "awesome-freely-happy-go-lucky" and whatever positive mood I had....weee!!!

Visit to various places and a few of those places really amazed me especially the Qing Qing Cao Yuan. Cold weather, nice blue skies, greeny grass and cute sheepy~~ ^___^ nyaaa...even now I think back, I still missing it. Aside from beautiful places, of coz we won't miss out those places which build specially for girls. Heheheee....we "restock" like no need money gam. Anyway, we don't always go there...so...hahahaa....spent like a boss~~ XD XD XD

This trip really meant a lot to me. Either is another healer trip, another motivation to be happy or brings any other positive aura to me....whatever it is, I am so ready to move forward to my next stage of life because I am already partly graduated (just waiting for results). heheheehe~~~ And most of all, loves  spending time with my bff and loves them so so much....Wish there will be another trip for us in the near futrue. (@^__^@)

18th - 21st June 2013

Phuket Trip

Trip again after 5 days from the previous trip....one word to describe~ awesome! hahahaa~~ never try going on and on trip like this before =P. And yeap...another memorable trip with friends again. But this time is with a few of my puchong homies~ ^_^. This trip was kind of random initially, but luckily it ended quite well also. Gained a lot of new "experiences" throughout this trip especially during the "island hoping" plan....lolx! can't stop laughing even until now. Ahem...those who went there with the same boat as me will know this. heheheee. Other than this, alot of things happened in between too and erm....not going to share it here....hahaaa...I will just gonna keep them inside my memories... (^~^)