Saturday, October 26, 2013

Graduation 2013 - Finally my degree's life come to an end

How can I forget to post this one of my ultimate life achievements/events on my blog? Yep, I know it's a bit late, but luckily I looked thru my photo albums and found this. Okay, basically there is nothing much or special about this blog. It is merely just a backdated post to reminds me of my graduation day.

As you all can see, I finally graduated from BA Hons of Accounting and Finance with First Class Honours!!! 

It is really an honours to get this honour. I am really thankful for all the lecturers, classmates, friends and family for their supports. Without them, seriously.....I doubt if I still can get this award. 

It's really been a while since I can finally "breath" and feels so much relieve. be honest, during those years in my degree life, it's really not what I imagined or expected. Having fun, enjoying life, meeting new friends and happy-go lucky everyday (^____^) *imagination*. 

(=.=") Well, obviously I think I watched too much drama *lolx*. This is because I really went thru a lot of emo-ness, disappointment and hardship. I even foreseeing myself getting second-upper class and ended up crying (T^T) or sometimes feels like giving up.

Anyhow, thanks God everything ends well at the end of the day and all my efforts didn't go into drain. *teehee*. With this, am prepared for the next stage of life....ready to go to the working world!!!

[p/s:: Ahem~~Actually I knew with this piece of paper will not help much, least better than nothing right??] (@^~^@) *be positive*

Hmm....I think that's all I'm gonna express here. Let some of the photo taken today speaks~~ ^_^

Sunway Pyramid convention centre

I am so happy that FOUR of us (best friends since high school) were able to achieve this honours together.
One of the best memories and still counting!! ^_^

Best friend and ji mui forever!! *love*

Mr. Steven, our coordinator that took good care of us during the past four years including foundation and degree years.

My beloved grandma. I hope I made you proud. ^_^


not going to miss out this "throwing mortarboard" sessions right?




and 3!!!!  

Hoooorayyyyy...this completes our journey in degree~
and I appreciates all the flowers and teddy bears given on this special day.
Thanks for all the memories