Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bangkok Trip 2014

This trip to Bangkok was a last minute decision. And yep, this basically and clearly define how or what audit's life is. #dontcarejustblameaudit *teehee* XD

He managed to buy the tickets two days before and there goes our random-last-minute-trip. 
Although it was random, no planning, and very suddden....but luckily it went smoothly at the end of the day ^^

I always thought that when someone feels like going for a trip, he/she should just go with it and take actions. This is because we (me and my ji mui) always failed to organize a trip as we tend to find ourselves planning too much and too long. But when the time we stop considering too much, our trip sure succeeds (ex: taiwan and phuket trip). So yea...TAKE ACTIONS.  XD XD


Not forget to mention, this was our first trip to other county together and therefore, this marked a special and unforgettable trip in 2014. Hectic, not well-planning but happy, funny, surprises and fun. Perhaps this was a GOOD memories to remember ^__^

We decided on this trip so sudden is mainly because both of us were a bit frustrated and exhausted with our current job and thought that we should go on a vacation to refresh and relax ourselves. Other than that, another reason is because we seldom had our "real dating" or quality time being together as a couple so this might be a good opportunity to compensate those missing moments too. =P

Since there were not much of a planning in advance thus, places that we visited were random too and purely is based on simple guidance, friend's advice and suggestions as well as reviews we took from online research.

Photo took before heading off to boarding. #smile #riseandshine

Stayed in Baiyoke Sky Hotel

This place is highly recommended by one of his Bangkok's friend. Not really sure how true is this to others but for us, yep....this place is pretty glamorous and definitely a nice place for a newbie visitor like us. This hotel is strategically located at the centre of the city, easy access of transportation to most of the attraction places, good view of Bangkok city, nice place to have a romantic dinner and etc. Aside from abovementioned, as per the reviews on the internet and his friend's suggestion, a visit to the top of the hotel tower is a MUST. Lemme show you the reason from few of the photo I am going to share below.

Can't really remember the name of the place we had our dinner
but no worries, this place is located within the hotel therefore, it can be spotted/find easily ^^
Have a nice drink with a nice view, accompany by your love one.
Simple and nice.
Beautiful night view of Bangkok city.
Peaceful and mezmerizing 

A portrait of myself + splendid night view of Bangkok city

Places we went during our 3D2N trip:

Platinum Mall
MBK Mall
Centre Mall
Uomasa Japanese Village
Khao Sarn Road
Pratunam Market
Yaowarat Road (a.k.a Chinatown)
ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

Since this was our first time travelling to Bangkok, places we went above are all just typical tourist attractions ba...If you're more familiar with Bangkok or has any suggestion of new places, mind to share share with me in the comment below. Maybe next time to Bangkok I can pay a visit to those places too. ^_^

Anyway, we took quite a number of photo during our Bangkok trip and it was quite hassle to upload all of them here (as always, bloggie is my diary), therefore I decided to make a video compilation of all the photo taken. (@^_^@)


[p/s: took me 4 hours to make this slideshow. First time using iMovie creating video after 2 years of using Macbook. 
Lolx....failed to max. Never know creating a video is sooooooo hectic and time consuming. I'm too noob d. hahaah!! paiseh]


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY Oatmeal Face Mask

What happens when skin is extremely dry?
When our skin is severely dry, it can sometimes lead to cracking and peeling. Also, when our skin is insufficient of moisture, it will begin to produce sebum to combat the dryness. This will actually lead to skin becomes oily, but also dry at the same time. I know some of you may have already encountered this, but if you're not, then well.... you're lucky to be blessed with flawless skin. 

Since I don't have perfect skin and was born with "dry to normal" skin type, my skin tends to be lack of moisture most of the time, especially when I always stay under the air-conditioner. Okay okay...I admit it was partly my fault for not using any skin care products in a timely manner. This laziness and procrastination habits of mine has caused all this dryness, peelings and redness on my skin lately.  *slap myself * Ahem....although recently I did starts using back my daily skin care products, but it seems that they did not help. Therefore, I did some research and decided to give the "natural way" a try which is the oatmeal. 

Benefits of oatmeal
Do you know that oatmeal is an incredible cleanser/mask for the skin? When we try to do some research of oatmeal in the internet, we will see a list of benefits of oatmeal to our skin or body. Not only it can be eaten, but it can also be used to treat acne/sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it's the cheapest and easiest DIY mask/cleanser you can ever have. Oatmeal has the ability to relieve itchiness, redness, dryness and minor irritations. Besides, it also absorbs and removes dirt & impurities whilst exfoliating the skin gently in a natural way (without all the harmful chemicals that found in a lot of our skincare products). Aside from that, oatmeal is also helpful for the skin to fight against free radicals because it is naturally abundant with anti-oxidants. Results? Smoother, clearer and brighter skin without extreme $$$ being spent.

How it works? or What you need?
All you need is oatmeal!!! That's it! You can find and purchased any oatmeal brand available in the market. Plain, instant or quick cooking oatmeal? Doesn't matter as long as it is oatmeal. You can also look for yogurt or honey if you want to enhance the effectiveness of the oatmeal mask. This is because, yogurt is also beneficial in curing skin problems, as for honey, well.... it is already well known for it helps nourish and moisturing our skin. In additional, you can also add on and mixed lemon with the oatmeal too. Lemon contains vitamin C and many other nutrient to help brighten our dull skin, boost collagen production, tightens large pores, strengthens the skin's natural antioxidant system and etc. So yep.... it's an individual preference to DIY your own mask to fit your own skin type/conditions.

What you need?
1 desert spoon of oatmeal 
1 desert spoon of honey (or yogurt or with plain water also will do)
Simplicity is awesome isn't it? (^_^)

Attached above is one of the examples of oatmeal brand you can easily find in the market

That's all I'm gonna share today, a simple home DIY mask. Hope it will be helpful to whoever that has similar skin problems as mine. Sharing is caring~~(^____^) and thanks for visiting my lame/random post. Hehe...