Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Throwbacks 2014

I think now is around the time to flashback the things, events and stuffs that happened throughout the year of 2014. Well, I am quite lazy to do this but I also wish to refresh back what has happened for the past 12 month as I hardly can remember most of them. Lolx....#poormemoryispoor
I know is a bit late but I wanna include the last day of the year too so....
[p/s:: I'm gonna make it short and quick]
Okay, let's see...


Deloitte's Chinese New Year's dinner. First dinner of the year. Erm, nothing special to talk about this dinner. Just a normal gathering dinner I assume. Haha...

On the first month of the year, did two photoshooting as below after a year of hibernating. Hahaa...nola...I was just busy with degree life previously and working life recently that's why. Anyhow, I am grateful to be offered and had some fun meeting new photographer and pretty makeup artist. Thanks for the day once again.

Theme: Shiro No Hi
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Theme: Back In Time
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but more photo are shared here > Back In Time photo album



Personally, I love Chinese New Year the most when it comes to family gathering. For my family, I feel CNY is the most lively and happiest moment/family gathering for each and every year. No exceptions for each year!! Aside from that, all of us (included aunties and uncles) also loves taking photo so it is not surprise if my album got more than 200+ photo. =D 

group photo



Nothing special about this month except it's my birthday month ^^. This year birthday is quite different as compared to previous year because this year my colleague gave me a birthday surprise in the office. =D To be honest, I am so surprised and shy at that moment but anyhow, I am grateful and happy for the surprises. Good memories for me. Thank you!

Aside from that, my mom also gave me a surprised when I reach home. She even prepared a cute cake for me this year. Thanks mommy!! *muackz*

and of course he also celebrated my birthday later on the weekend. Thanks also for the efforts and birthday surprises. #goodmemoriesshallberemembered



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I have updated the details of this trip previously in the link attached above.



Deloitte's Annual Dinner
Last year I missed the dinner but not for this year! ^_^ It was an awesome night and remarkable memories. First time ever I participated/joined a dinner where everyone dressed up accordingly to  the theme. The night was fun, meeting more new faces and took a lot of photo. Below are just a part of it and I choose only the group pic. ^^

Deloitte's Treasure Hunt. 
It's our (melvin, wee zhun and me) first time joining the treasure hunt organized by Deloitte. And to be honest, we were looking forward to win some prizes this time especially Melvin. XD XD!! #wearesoconfident #syoksendiri. Ahem, actually by far, this was also my first time playing a treasure hunt! Lolx.....paiseh...anyway, it was a great experience from finding the missing words, to playing fear factors as well as clearing all kind of stages that required EQ and IQ. We managed to arrived "early" and gonna wait for the announcement of prize giving for the winner at the dinner #washoping.

and yep, lucky us, we managed to win a prize. Top 10 among 40 teams if I am not mistaken. Actually we were kind of surprised but of course, the happiest one will be Melvin. hhahahaa...Oh the way, did I forget to mention our team name? hahahaha!!! Ahem...our team #21 is called Will Of Fire!! Sounds familiar? (@^____^@) guess most of you will know who's idea of this name coming from. Hehehehehe~~!!

International Accounting Firm Games (IAFG)
Time flies and passes so quickly. It is already one year plus I am in Deloitte. Looking at IAFG 2014 reminds me of last year IAFG 2013 where it feels like the first time I joined Deloitte's events. Had so much fun and unforgettable memories with the athletics group. Looking forward for the next (if possible) IAFG and hope I am not too old for running. Hahahahaha!!

IAFG 2014
IAFG 2013



This Christmas, I get to know more people thanks to by bii. Followed him to his friend's in-house party (rented hotel in Genting actually) and celebrated Christmas in advance. Feels great knowing each of them and thanks so much for making me feel warmth and comfortable although it's my first time joining them. Had so much fun and laughter throughout the night and unexpectedly, they're as crazy as my puchong friends. XD XD Present exchange is a must as well as drinking sessions. But thanks God they prefer to drink Somersby which I personally think it's great. Well, at least there was a better chatting sessions without having all feeling drunk with whisky and stuff (i.e: vomiting). Heheheheheh...A group photo at last. =)

Christmas Eve Celebration. This year Christmas Eve celebration is a bit different as compared to previous seven years in which I celebrated with my Puchong's friends every year. Each year for that seven year, they will organized a in-house party and invited a lot of people to join the joy and yep, I am one of them. And after christmas eve celebration with them only will celebrate Christmas day (actual day) by having a dinner with my loved one. That's how it is for that past seven years.

However, due to certain issue (as per what I heard) this year there were no party therefore, we have to find something to do on the Eve's night. =( Never know that finding something to do on Eve's night can be this hectic! Hahahaaa!! Me and my bff brainstorms so long and at the end we came out a very simple way of celebrating christmas eve. Go Sunway Pyramid shopping > eat dinner > go SetiaWalk drink while waiting to countdown > and lastly see fireworks. That's it!!! Lolx....but anyway, still a good one I least not staying at home nothing to do. #betterthannothing #begrateful

Two days later get to meet/catch up with another two friend, Max and Darren. We shared and talked about our Christmas Eve celebration and he also felt that we're missing something. So conclusion is, no more "ignoring Christmas eve party" for the next following years. It's kinda screw up the whole feel dunno why. hahahaha~~Anyway, nothing special. Just a simple catch up session and shopping day with le boys. And of course we won't be missing our selfie/wefie sessions. So we took one. ^^

edited this photo with my iphone. Lovin' the design with those Japanese words. So yau feel. =D

New Year Eve.
Finally came to the last day of the year and for this special day, I just want to make it simple this year. Spent this day with my special one with a simple dinner and end the night enjoying the fireworks above the hills with some Somersby (^__^).