Saturday, January 24, 2015

24012015: Register Of Marriage

**  2014  **

Remembering the day on Che Wei's birthday in year 2012, we accidentally took a photo of us kissing her and we love that photo so so much. She is the youngest among three of us and therefore, for us, she's like our baby darling. The fact of that somehow suits this pose alot. (^__^) Eventually, we started to do the same pose since then for fun and to keep it as our sweet memories.




and who knows....

in year 2015, we took a photo with the same pose but this time is not on her birthday anymore~

instead, it was on her wedding day (Register Of Marriage day)

To be honest, I hardly can believe this is happening. 
*shock with disbelief*

After 10 years of friendship (and still counting), and here we are...finally reaching the age where people around us is getting married and our darling is the first among us!!! We were so surprise and happy for her!!!! ***Awwwww****** and NO....she's not pregnant!! Hahahaha...I know some of you may think of that. So I'm just clarify abit for that just in case. Teeheee~~

Since it was the first time for all of us (including the bride, groom, heng dai and ji mui), we were sooooooo exited and looking forward to it. From going everywhere to look for a suitable ring, dress, shoe, accessories to buying flowers and stuff. Hahahaha...I know it sounds like we're a noob...but yea, in fact we're really a newbie NOOB. But because of that is what made all of us so exited for it. Hehehe (^_^). Below are some of the photo we took on that day~~

after exchanging vow and rings,

and now they're officially and legally as wife and husband


and after that is photo session where everyone is waiting for...hahaha!!

taking pic with groom's heng dai.

Ronald and Chai Moon

Ku and Me

Loon and Szing

another kissie photo of us *muackzxx*

and last but not least,

our long awaited photo~~


Before I end this post, hereby I deeply wish her and her husband a happy, wonderful and full of blessing marriage in the future. And also hope she can quickly give birth to 1, 2 or few cute little babies and let us play. Hehehhehee~~~And last but not least, even you've become someone's wife now, you will always be our little princess forever! Love you .

The End.