About Me

Hello! My name is Foong Yee (English name: Carin).  Born on 23rd of April 1991 and that made me a Taurus Baby~ (@^_^@). Basically there is nothing special about me. I am just an ordinary person who is trying to be myself and no one else. I love to talk but sometimes I prefer to be silent. Not very good in socialising with stranger so guessing it's true I am an introvert. A stubborn-head Taurus but I am proud being a Taurean (Go go! my fellow Taurus-nian). My favourite colour is Pink, but most of my clothes were red/blue/black/white and etc instead (weird I know...haha). Love shopping, travel and of course take a lot of nice photo (ugly one also don't mind...hehe) for memories ^_^

That's all about me. If you're interested (if and only if) to know more about me, perhaps you can find out more thru my bloggie (secret expression zone/diary of daily dosses of my life) (@^___^@). Anyways, nice to meet you and thanks for visiting and reading my blog. 

20 Facts About Me (Repost from instagram)

1. I'm weak against anime especially Naruto Shippuuden. Definitely an anime freak.

2. I love to travel especially with my love one.

3. I'm a Chinese but can't write or read. However, simple Chinese I still able to speak and understand.

4. I have sweet tooth.

5. I consider myself as a tough and strong lady but sometimes I admit that I am weak too.

6. I'm skinny. I hardly can gain weight no matter how much I eat.

7. I don't like to eat vegetables but learning to eat more *for healthier purposes*

8. Horoscope: I am a Taurus. Stubborn, protective, supportive, loving, devoted and loyal.

9. I am petite in size, only 155cm *gonna shock you all I know* XD XD

10. I like sports. Used to be a cheerleader and athlete during high school. Recently enjoy playing badminton too.

11. I'm a sensitive person so romantic stuffs, events, movies or drama is way to go. *thumbs up* Meanwhile, I love horror movies too but need companion when watching it.

12. I'm kind of weird, can be naive and silly but only towards those who are close enough to me. Sometimes I am dangerous too as I do bites people. *evil grin* hehehh

13. I'm a fun and loving girl but hey, you wouldn't want to mess up with me. You gonna regret it. *angel+devil*

14. Love cute animals especially puppy.

15. Hate insects!!!!!! Madly deadly afraid of them!!!!! If you help me to kill them, then you're my hero. *blushes*

16. I am a boring person unless you're patient enough to make things interesting around me. *shy*

17. I love to dress up, makeup and look good but sometimes, I enjoy looking messed up too especially when I'm lazy or not in the mood.

18. I'm not a coffee or tea person. Preferable to drink plain water or some fruit juice i.e. carrot milk (recent love).

19. Love my family and my little Fluffy. They are the one who always stay by my side, support, makes me feel safe and loving and importantly nurture me into who I am today.

20. Never know that listing 20 facts of myself can be this hard and troublesome. haha!!